Best MTN Tariff Plan 2016 – Cheapest MTN Call Rate Plan

Many have been asking us which about Best MTN Tariff Plan 2016 ?. Well the truth is that we have gone all round to find out that when it comes to cheap call rate in Nigeria, some MTN Nigeria call packages have taken the lead of been the cheapest and most affordable to the Nigeria populace. This is why we thought it wise to share to the general public this list of lowest MTN tariff plans 2016.

Best MTN Tariff Plan 2016 - Cheapest MTN Call Rate Plan

I have heard people arguing which of the Nigeria telecommunication company have the cheapest call tariff plan? from the analysis some of them gave, we found out that 20% of them believed it is ETISALAT, 15% said it is GLO, 23% argued that it is AIRTEL Nigeria while 52% said that MTN tariff plans 2016 are the cheapest call rate plan among all the telecommunication companies existing in Nigeria.

Though there argument is never the bases of our conclusion on this 2016 lowest MTN tariff plan, rather we based our answer on research work having tested all the MTN Nigeria call packages, the way this research was conducted is from the MTN officials and the response from the subscribers when we share a questionnaire in the Nigeria universities, poly techniques, colleges of education and to some public secondary schools.

Best MTN Tariff Plan 2016 – Cheapest MTN Call Rate Plan

From the result of the questionnaire, you will see for yourself the percentages each of the MTN Packages is given, from there you will then be able to select the one you think is the Best MTN Tariff Plan 2016. we will also give you the activation c* ode of each of them, here are the MTN call packages, their percentage vote and its activation settings.

1MTN BetaTalk45%*123*2*6# or text BT to 131
2MTN E-Super Saver+33%*408*1# or send 408 to 131.
3Diamond Yello Account2%*710#
4MTN Smooth Talk Plus15%*400# or send 400 to 131
5MTN SuperSaver10%*408*1# or send 408 to 131
6MTN Tru Talk5%*400# or send 400 to 131

From the percentage of votes above, the general believe now is that MTN BetaTalk is the Best MTN Tariff Plan 2016. This is said to be true because MTN BetaTalk gives subscribers 200% of their recharge, i.e 3x the amount you recharge. You can use the comment box bellow to make any contribution on which of the MTN call packages above, you think is best.

4 thoughts on “Best MTN Tariff Plan 2016 – Cheapest MTN Call Rate Plan

  1. i don’t understand, all i want to know is how aer they charge per second for each?

    • God go bless u Bala, BTW beta talk plan is a scam, u get d bonus truly which will either not work or mtn deduct it bit by bit without using it till it finish

  2. The mtn beta talk tariff at 40k/ sec is a cut throat tariff, what’s the ‘beta’ about? you get the bonus, it burns out 5* faster. Not good enough.

  3. Is a scam mtn now thief u use u don’t use your bonus will vanish like a flash and ur real account will be sorry