Best Nigeria Online Shopping Sites – Electronics, Phones & More

Best Nigeria Online Shopping Sites : We are going to show you the all the shopping sites in Nigeria where you can buy Electronics, Phones of any kind, Fashion, Books, Utensils, Laptops and more at the cheapest rate, with quality products. These online shopping sites in Nigeria operates just like the international standard (Amazon).

Best Nigeria Online Shopping Sites - Electronics, Phones & More

Buying things online is now the new trend, not just in Nigeria but world wide. Internationally am sure you have heard of Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, Walmart to mention but a few. All these online stores are believed to be making millions of dollars from retailing.

Though the online shopping sites are far more standard than the Nigerian online retailers. These list of them are generally considered to be the top Nigeria online shopping sites as they are all working hard to gain the trust of all Nigerians, which most of them has actually gotten to seventy five percent (75%).

So we are going to show you all the best online shopping sites in Nigeria that have gained Nigerians trust in terms of service, excellence, coverage, safe delivery and popularity.

See List of Best Nigeria Online Shopping Sites

1. Jumia

Jumia is Nigeria’s leading online shopping site and has the most extensive selection of quality products. It is one of the first online stores to capture the attention of Nigerians. The major unique thing about Jumia is that you can get almost anything you want from them, ranging from mobile phones, TVs, Generators, Laptops, and thousands of products from the online shopping site.

The payment procedure is that you can pay with your ATM/debit cards or payment solutions like Paga. Jumia also accepts payment on delivery in some cities in Nigeria.

2. Konga

When it comes to online shopping websites in Nigeria, Konga is is the major competitor for Jumia. This is because Konga started the online business just few months after jumia. The two major Nigerian online shopping sites has boasts thousands of products. Just like international online stores you can pay for your order online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

The only difference between the two is that Konga permits individuals like you and i who have any product that they want to sale to use their platform to sell it, thereby making it easy for costumers to get what they want just very close to them.

3. Slot Nigeria

Slot Nigeria is majorly known to specialize in Laptops, Mobile phone of any type and other related gadgets. When ever you need to buy a quality mobile phone or laptop at every cheap price, just go to Slot Nigeria limited.

4. DealDey

DealDey is yet another Nigeria’s daily deals online shopping website where you can get great deals with up to 90% discount on products and services like mobile phones and accessories, Electronics, food, fashion, hotel bookings, training, and lots more. DealDey has a bit different from the above mentioned online shopping sites because unlike other they offers deep discounts on select products for a limited time.

5. Parktel online

Parktel online is another great online store which is among the leading trends of best Nigeria online shopping sites. Like Slot, parktel sales all kind of mobile phones tablets and accessories. It is based in Lagos but can deliver goods to any part of the country.

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6. Kaymu

Our list of online shopping sites in Nigeria, cannot be complete without mentioning Kaymu. This is so, because on Kaymu you can buy items like mobile phones shoes, wriste watches jewelry and much more at a very low prize.


Mystore is another great online shopping site here in Nigeria which specializes basically on gift items, If your lover, friend or family is having a birthday and you are confused on the type of item to buy, just a visit to mystore will clear all the confusions in your head.


Kara online shopping specialize majorly on the sells of electronics and home appliances. Have you been wondering about the safe place to buy generation sets, televisions, DVD’s home lighting products, kitchen appliances then kara is the best place for you.


Jiji came out now to compete with other well known online shopping sites which tries to specialize mainly on the sells of Mobile Phones and Tablets.

10. Yudala

Yudala is another good online shopping sites according to testimonies shared by many Nigerians who has patronized the company in any of their product.

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