CHEAPEST MTN DATA PLANS And Their Subscription Code

Choosing a Mobile data plan has never been this simple. But am sure that with the help of these list of cheapest MTN DATA PLANS And their Subscription Code, you can Simply select from rich bouquet of flexible and affordable data bundle plans below.

CHEAPEST MTN DATA PLANS And Their Subscription Code

MTN just rolled out the best ever subscription plan which could make any one who is using MTN data plan to have 24/7 internet access without having to worry about the way it is used.

Considering the affordable nature of the plans, it has been generally believed that they are the best MTN data plans ever. So you have to select from the list on the table bellow.

See CHEAPEST MTN DATA PLANS And Their Subscription Code

From the table bellow, it can be seen that any kind of subscription you want to use it is there for you. So see the table to select the one you like now as there is night plan, a day plan, a week plan and month plan.

10MB#10024 HoursText”104″ to 131
25MBN15024 HoursText”112″ to 131
50MBN20024 HoursText”113″ to 131
150MBN5007 Days (one Week)Text”103″ to 131
260MBN1,00030 Days (One Month)Text”109″ to 131
750MBN2,00030 Days (One Month)Text”110″ to 131
1.5GBN3,50030 Days (One Month)Text”111″ to 131
4.5GB Night Plan (9pm-6am)N2,50030 Days (One Month)Text”102″ to 131
4.5GB(1.5GB day 3GB nightN,250030 Days (One Month)Text “120” to 131
4.5GBN6,50030 Days (One Month)Text”129″ to 131

NOTE: That you can either subscribe for the plan of your choice by texting the code or by using the USD code. For example dial *102# for 4.5GB as one of the cheapest MTN DATA PLANS.

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