Chidimma Ekile: If Flavour Ask Me out the Answer will be…

Chidimma Ekile: If Flavour Ask Me out the Answer will be...

Niaja popular singer, Chidimma Ekile, is truly on the eyes of many male Nigeria musicians but the truth is that despite all the admirers Chidimma has proven the Nation that she seems not to have found the right person and is still searching.

In a chat recently, when Chidimma was asked about her relationship status, she answered,“ Why I am still single? Maybe, because I’m yet to see the man who is made for me or the person is yet to find me. So I am single and happy. The fact is I had few friends and some wanted to take the relationship seriously, but it never worked out. Though, I have a lot of male friends around me, but there has never been anything serious. Several stars have been crushing on me, in fact, I thought I would have been crushed by now. But to be honest, am dating none of them.

For Adams, if I start telling you about him, we won’t leave here. He’s my good friend. We both insult each other every time. When the story came out, I was not surprised because we both are very close.

For Flavour, music brought us together and nothing more and if he had asked me out the answer would have been a capital ‘NO’.

For me it is really a slap on the faces of many Nigerians as many have already assumed that the two singer, Chidimma Ekile and Flavour are dating, now to those who have assumed that do you really believe Chidimma?

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