Dasher Messenger Download / share GIFs & play videos

You are about to start free Dasher Messenger Download for android, Blackberry, pc and other operating systems. The messenger, Dasher App recently have started making an effort to spice up the messenger market by adding lots of pretty cool and unusual features.

Dasher Messenger Download / share GIFs & play videos

Dasher Messenger app is the only messaging app which allows users to share GIFs and play YouTube videos directly in the Dasher chat window, and there are so many wonderful YouTube URL previews: Though WhatsApp recently have started to catch up with these amazing features.

Apart from the fact that you can share GIFs and play YouTube videos, another amazing feature incorporated in Dasher Messenger is that of being able to share money with your friends using Venmo, which what that have distinguished the app from others because it is something that no other messenger provides.

Just as you know that picture is worth a thousand words, so is a GIF is worth a thousand high fives. So such idea-logy has been justified using Dasher messenger as it lets you say what you really want with pics, GIFs, links and more. You really have start your free Dasher Messenger Download now and take a poll to find out what your friends really think of your new boo.

Free Dasher Messenger Download For Android Phones

By now i know you most have known that Dasher uses wonderful YouTube Videos links that come alive when you add them to chat. Dasher has on its own made it possible for YouTube, Foursquare, SoundCloud, Vine and your other favorites are all connected to your conversations.

So download Dasher apk for Android go to Google Play Store

Tot download Dasher apk for iOS go to App Store

Dasher works on any computer connected to the internet (like the one you’re using right now). And as such your friends, your messages, your account are all well arranged. Access your conversations from a computer and pretty much any iOS or Android device. Start your Dasher Messenger Download free now.

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