Download 2go Version 4.5.2 at Version 4.5

Download 2go Version 4.5.2 at Version 4.5 Version 4.5 – Download 2go Version 4.5.2 for Symbian or other phones and start enjoying all the improvements which 2go team just announced recently. We all knows that 2go version 4.5 is the most used version due to its user friendliness and fast in chatting, 2go v4.5 is very compatible to all mobile devices just go on to download v4.5 2go now.

If you really want to enjoy your mobile device, you have to download 2go version 4.5 now into your Android, Symbian or any kind of phone, over the past years 2go v4.5 has remained the best version of 2go messenger the 2go team has ever developed. This conclusion is drawn based on the comment we got from when 2go team announced the latest 2go version 6.1.2. Version 4.5 been made available here for you to be able to download 2go version 4.5.2 free into any kind of mobile device without encountering any form of obstacle, so the only thing you have to do is read through and get the link which we direct you to the official 2go messenger downloading portal.

You cant believe it that Version 4.5 now gives you offline delivery status of your new messages just the same way WhatsApp messenger does. Just exactly the method which WhatsApp messenger uses “correct like mark” to inform you of new delivery 2go version 4.5 also uses “correct like mark” to show new delivery. So it is very easy now to know which of your sent messages is delivered.

How to Download 2go v4.5 at Version 4.5

  1. To download 2go version 4.5, visit the 2go official downloading page at
  2. When the page opens, Click on the download icon to initiate the download process.
  3. Select the model of your phone and start downloading the 2go v4.5 App
  4. Click on open when the app finish downloading.
  5. Fill in all the information required in the bar which includes your Password, Phone number, and user name.

You really have to appreciate the work which those guys that make up 2go team did in Version 4.5. Note that there is also another great one made by those guys which is available for download version 6.1.2 2go

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