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Download 2go version 6.1.3 : It was yet another great development to hear of when 2go team recently announced the release of 2go latest version 6.1.3, which is available for download for both Java, Android, Windows phones and blackberry phones. So you can Download 2go v6.1.3, through the link am going to show you here.

Download 2go Version 6.1.3 / / 2go Latest Version
There are lots of additional features which is amazing that 2go version 6.1.3 came with that made it highly compatible with your mobile phone type and it can also serve as 2go for Symbian phones which means that it can download in Java .jar, apk and Zip Application files from the link am going to reveal here.

Download 2go version 6.1.3 to start enjoying the amazing features embedded in the latest version 2go like giving delivery information of messages just exactly the way whatsApp messenger does. Because Whatsapp gives delivery info of delivered messages, 2go latest version 6.1 has now adopted similar method.

With the delivery info which 2go now shows,  users can now easier know if their sent messages were delivered to the recipient or not.

How to Download 2go version 6.1.3 For any device

If you wants to download 2go latest version that, which could be either 2go version 6.1.2, 2go version 5.0, 2go version 6.0.3 etc the only procedure which you need to take to download 2go is as shown bellow.

  • Visit 2go download website at
  • To download the latest version of 2go messenger, click on the download icon
  • Select your phone model
  • Complete download by allowing the process to continue
  • Click on open, then provide all the necessary information
  • Allow 2go to load

Amazing Features of 2go v6.1.3 – Download 2go Latest version 6.1.3

Just as i said earlier that much like whatsapp, 2go v6.1.3 now shows you delivery information, this means that while chatting with friends and a message is delivered, 2go will show that such message have been delivered and read.

Other features of 2go v6.1.3 are as follows

2go Rooms: The additional joy is that you can now suggest room which you think may suit your life style. Others are.
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