Download 2go Version 6.2.0 / / 2go 6.2

You are about to Download 2go Version 6.2.0 which is the latest version of the 2go messenger with all the basic feature to make it stand the strong competition which is currently going on between and whatsApp messenger, just recently 2go team made the announcement that the latest version 2go 6.2 is now ready and available for free download. Just read to follow the link and start download.

Download 2go Version 6.2.0 / / 2go 6.2

In the 2go latest version 6.2, the 2go developers has added a new feature to the messenger called 2go 6.2.0 fastlane. With the help this fastlane, you can be able to get quick access to live Sports Updates, up to date news from Supersports and News24 which i bet with you cannot be found in any other social network or messenger apps. 2go messenger is the only social network with millions of people from all over the world.


Apart from the fastlane feature added to version 6.2 2go messenger, there is still other upgrade in 2go Star Progress, the 2go team have done lots of improvement in this area. Well, 2go v6.2.0 star progress now has a status bar which shows you how you have progressed as you’re using the messenger. The team also have added added 5 new star levels that where not in the previous versions. They are Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Ruby and the highest being – Black Diamond.

How to Download 2go version 6.2.0 at

We have simplified the process of downloading the 2go v6.2 Interactive with the bellow process to for much easier access to the 2go download link.

  1. Visit using your phone or PC browser.
  2. Navigate your mouse to the right and click on the download button.
  3. A notification appears. Click on it to download.
  4. After 2go v6.2.0 is downloaded, find the package installer and install the package.
  5. After Installation, Launch the application and fill in a short registration and Start chatting

Just like whatsApp messenger in 2go 6.2, you can now receive an offline Notification or live updates of your new message on your 2go world even when you are not logged in. When we talk of the chats on 2go now, there a brand new QWERTY interface that has now been integrated into the 2go 6.2.0 messenger.

2go Rooms are not left on touched by the team as in the latest version 2go v6.2.0, they have given us a much more interactive option to the 2go rooms, allowing individuals to suggest a room that they think could suit their life style apart from that a few more rooms has been added too.

We have noticed that to download 2go latest version for some devices normally hard or appear to be too cumbersome task to some persons. This most times is as a result of having to navigate all through app pages and skipping their numerous ad attacks. That is why we have come up with another idea to help you Download 2go Version 6.2.0 for all the devices, by showing you.

How to download 2go 6.2 for other devices

2go for PC:
2go for Blackberry: >Download from Blackberry World
2go for Android(google play store): >Download via Google Android Play store
2go for Windows Phone: >Download from Nokia Stores
Other devices like Symbian: Click Here to download Now

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