Download AirMore for Android / AirMore Download for iOS

Do you wish to download AirMore for Android in order to connect your mobile device to your PC for easy wireless file transfer.There have never been any other application which could make transfer of files from computer to Android or iPhone as easy as AirMore apk.

Download AirMore for Android / AirMore Download for iOS

AirMore apk for iOS facilitates file transferring process between computer device and Smartphones as it supports easy and secure file streaming, instead of you having to use manual file transferring system to your computer.

There are wide range of document formats which AirMore for Android supports, some of the file formats are TXT, DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, EPUB, and lots more. Apart from just file transfer, one other important feature is that you can create new folders using AirMore app to make organizing your shared files simpler.

If it weren’t for AirMore apk for file Transfer from PC to your smart mobile phone or the reverse case could be difficult. Even in some cases use of manual file transfer could sometimes lead to lost of essential files or adverse effect at the tail end; this is the sole reason you need to download AirMore for Android or iOS.

How to Download AirMore for Android Free

AirMore download is very easy, the only thing you need is to have a data on your smartphone and memory space to accommodate the aapk file. After you free download, music transfer between mobile device and PC can quickly and easily be done.  Just start your wireless life with AirMore

AirMore For iOS Features

  • Easy Interface : The app comes with an easy to use interface. The interface is built for both tech junks and alike.
  • It comes simple inscriptions that can serve as a guide. On the interface users will see simple inscriptions like Flashlight, Apps, Scanner, Hotspot, Tethering, Disconnect, and files.

To download AirMore for iOS on App Store, please click here

Download Airmore for Your PC.

To get this app running on your Pc, users will first of all download and install it. Now to download AirMore for Android on Google Play, please click here

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