Download Netify VPN Handler App for Unlimited Free Browsing

Netify vpn handler apk is the best vpn handler app one can use. First vpn handler started with psiphon handler, before the rest followed suite and start to remake  psiphon handler.

Netify vpn handler is a remodel of psiphon handler and seems to be the best maybe because it doesn’t disconnect a lot under poor internet connections unlike the other vpn handlers like psiphon handler, syphon shield handler, zphon handler.

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Most interestingly, the reason for netify vpn handler is not just for browsing. You  can use it to access a restricted sites that is meant for a particular country. For example you go to Google play store to download an App and it replied  “Not available in your country”, with netify vpn  you can download that app by selecting USA, UK, Canada, etc  as your country server.

Netify works like  syponshield and psiphon but with as new designs and remolded settings. The well known programmer: odiseo onze has remolded psiphon app to bring out netify.

Features of Netify

  • It is completely redesigned with new graphics
  • it has no  connection key on the notification bar
  • There is no place to indicate or remove region or country, yet works effectively
  • The default handler settings is there but with new user interface
  • A new icon added

 How To Set Netify vpn handler apk on Android

This is for those that are new to the VPN as we tends to know only psiphon handler and NetLoop VPN(simple Server). The way it is now, only etisalat social pack and chat pack requires a vpn as that of mtn is blocked.

  •  Open Netify vpn handler and use dual real host
  • In proxy server input
  • In real proxy type select http or inject
  • click save.
  • You will get confused about the interface as it is completely different with others.
  • To get to the option menu, click the ninja icon or pic on the left top corner of your screen.
  • There you will see the option menu, if you want to use ip and port, click connect through http proxy and tick use the following settings and then input any working ip and port.
  •  If you don’t want to use ip and port in your Netify vpn, don’t tick connect through http proxy and make sure there’s no ip and port in the host server and port.
  • Disconnect and start Netify VPN handler Apk again and connect back.

How To Download Netify VPN For Android

To download Netify VPN you have to follow this step:

  1. Click Here to download it and start enjoying free browsing
  2. Get to our web
  3. Install the product

Note that if you have any question on how to set it for your device, you can use the comment section bellow to drop your question.

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