Download Quickteller App For Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows

Download Quickteller App For Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows

Yes good to know that you need to Download Quickteller App For your Android, BlackBerry, iOS or Windows Phone, you have just arrived at the downloading page, just read on to learn how to download Quickteller APK now.

Quickteller application has rescued Nigerians from the frustrations of banking hash words from unfriendly bank staffs, long queues unreliable network and many other challengers which costumers of Nigerian banks experiences in the banking hall just for small service. So download Quickteller application now to be relieved of those frustrations.

Brief Description of Quickteller APK

Quickteller is a brand of inter-switch company which has become the easiest and most convenient way to to make transactions online like to buy airtime, make payments, send and receive money. The major purpose of the company that built Quickteller app is to save us from long queue in the banking hall.

How to Use Quickteller App

In order for you to access this wonderful app, the only thing which you need to do is to create account with them. Creating account with Quickteller is as easy as creating email account. this can be done in two ways.

  1. Can be done using quickteller web application.
  2. By downloading a native to your Android, BlackBerry, iOS or Windows smartphones

Here are The  SMS Commands if You Want to do Transactions by SMS

If you want to use sms command to do transactions with quickteller app, text the commands as shown below to 32122

  • ‘bank BALANCE’ to check your account balance e.g. ZENITH BALANCE
  • ‘bank OTP’ to generate a SafeToken for a web transaction in the event your SafeToken wasn’t delivered during a web payment. e.g. ACCESS OTP
  •  ‘bank PAY biller amount customerREF’ to make a payment. e.g. FCMB PAY DSTV 1000 4343211122, where 4343211122 is your decoder number
  • ‘bank RECHARGE amount mobile’ to top up a phone. e.g. SKYE RECHARGE 1000 08031236564, where 08031236564 is the number to top up
  • ‘bank TRANSFER amount bank accountType’ to transfer money to a bank account. e.g. UBA TRANSFER 1000 ZENITH 0900987876 current, where 0900987876 is the account number at ZENITH and the account is a current account

Download Quickteller App For Android, BlackBerry, iOS or WindowsPhone

To download the app to your device, follow the procedures bellow.

  • Visit
  • When the page opens, you will see an option for the download on different device
  • Select the type of your phone and the Quickteller app downloading link will automatically take you through the downloading process.

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