Download Who Wants to be a Millionaire App – WWTBAM Mobile App

This is quite a good-news for all those who loves to plays WWTBAM home quiz as MTN has advanced to making it possible for participants to download Who Wants to be a Millionaire App or better still free WWTBAM Mobile App download in order to win from home with ease.

Download Who Wants to be a Millionaire App - WWTBAM Mobile App

Most often, people tend to ask us how can i get onto the Who wants to be a millionaire live TV show to win N10million via playing the WWTBAM App. But to answer them, we have said that to win cash prizes, players must meet the following conditions:

Research have shown that there are some Applications which was launched by some individuals claiming that it is free WWTBAM mobile app. Though the apps are with the same name with official Who Wants to be a Millionaire mobile App, but can’t Win money with it. So most times people gets confused while searching this App on google play store, in other words will be hard to download WWTBAM App free.

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Benefits Of WWTBAM Apk Download

  • To Download Who Wants to be a Millionaire App will not only be for leisure but also for intellectual gains.
  • Top players will win weekly and monthly cash prizes, in addition.
  • Also WWTBAM mobile app download provides another means of getting on the hot seat to win up to Ten Million Naira as top weekly and monthly players will be invited to try their luck in fastest fingers first.

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Meanwhile as we proceed, we shall show you how to download WWTBAM App from the MTN App store or Google Play store from a device with an MTN line. Then you go ahead to create a profile on the App and etup an active subscription for the month under review.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire App for Android Features:

  1. Play Fastest Finger First or go straight into the main game.
  2. New! Switch lifeline allows you to ditch a question and switch for another.
  3. The classic 15 levels so you can enjoy longer gameplay.
  4. Enhanced graphics, music and sound effects.
  5. Listen to your own music- your iPod music takes priority over the game music.
  6. 500 brand new questions

How to Download Who Wants to be a Millionaire App Free

To download MTN Who Wants To Be A Millionaire apk free on the App Store for free, simply go to Google play store to ‘Get The App Now’ to redeem it now. Don’t forget to download WWTBAM quiz app today and then look out for another great free app next Friday!

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