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Are you a good lover of the popular TV game, Who wants to be a millionaire and as such wish to Download WWTBAM Game App for mobile phones or computer, this is the right place where you can get the latest version of the game application free of charge.

Download WWTBAM Game App - Play Game Live

As we already knows that Who wants to Who wants to be a millionaire game app is an application which is built to prepare those who have been longing to seat for the hot seat with Frank Edoho, who is the MTN Nigeria Who wants to be a millionaire presenter game presenter, but have never made it through.

Many people have argued that Frank Edohos highest profile and most challenging role to date in the must watch programme, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire quiz is that of being the host to one of the biggest shows ever to air on Nigerian Television. So to make it easy to get ready for the live quiz, you need to Download WWTBAM Game App for your mobile phone

How to Download WWTBAM Game App

To download Who wants to be a millionaire game for phone and computer free, you have to follow the link shown bellow

Visit Google play store to get the app

Who wants to be A millionaire Home Quiz Questions

Bellow are the questions which Frank asked the only Nigerian man called Chimuanya ‘Aroma’ Ufodike, who have made it to win the complete Ten (10) Million Naira in the Game, now the question is Could you have won the big prize? See the questions that got Aroma to the pinnacle! (answers below)

1. Which of these is the name of a British Football Club?
A. Blackburn Losers
B. Blackburn Rovers – Answer
C. Blackburn Lovers
D. Blackburn Wanderers

2. An establishment where money can be deposited or withdrawn is called what?
A. Fridge
B. Bank – Answer
C. Market
D. Shoe

3. Name given to a boy born on Sunday in Ghana is what?
A. Bassey
B. Kwesi – Answer
C. Abiodun
D. Ejima

4. Which of the following refer to the word fire?
A. Inferno – Answer
B. Domino
C. Stiletto
D. Tornado

5. According to the constitution a public officer is not allowed to do which of these?
A. Marry a wife
B. Bury a dead parent
C. Have thanksgiving in church
D. Accept gifts or favour in kind – Answer

6. The process by which genetic traits are transmitted from parents to offspring is called what?
A. Tenacity
B. Verifiability
C. Hereditary – Answer
D. Validation

7. Roland Garros stadium is in which city?
A. Paris – Answer
B. Copenhagen
C. New York
D. Madrid

8. Where is Tiananmen Square?
A. Mumbai
B. Beijing – Answer
C. Rio de Janeiro
D. Seville

9. The word supersonic denotes which of these?
A. A speed equal to that of sound
B. A speed greater than that of sound – Answer
C. A speed equal to that of light
D. A speed greater than that of light

10. Which of these holds bones together at the joints of the body?
A. Nephrons
B. Nerves
C. Ligaments – Answer
D. Stitches

11. Linus Mbah achieved fame in Nigerian sporting circles as what?
A. Swimmer
B. Referee – Answer
C. Football Fan
D. Judoka

12. DAX refers to the stock market of which country?
A. France
B. United States
C. Germany – Answer
D. India

13. Who won the Academy Award for directing the movie ‘Million Dollar Baby’?
A. Clint Eastwood – Answer
B. Oliver Stone
C. Peter Jackson
D. Morgan Freeman

14. In which country is the Galeras Volcano?
A. Lebanon
B. Columbia – Answer
C. Japan
D. Eritrea

15. Professor Maathai Wangari won the Nobel Prize for which of these?
A. Literature
B. Economics
C. Peace – Answer
D. Medicine

The question still remains, haven seen the answers above, if you were to be Chimuanya ‘Aroma’ Ufodike, on the hot seat, could you have made it through. maybe download Download WWTBAM Game App that helped him prepare very well for them

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