Download Yahoo Messenger APK v11.5 For Android, Windows, PC

Download Yahoo Messenger APK v11.5 For Android, Windows, PC

Yahoo team has made it possible all their subscribers to Download Yahoo Messenger APK For Android, windows, Mac or computer, to enjoy this wonderful Yahoo Messenger Web service package you are only required to sign into Yahoo Mail. Read down to learn how to download yahoo apk for your mobile or PC and also how to use it.

The Yahoo Messenger is a package released by yahoo recently which is within your Yahoo Mail that allows you to have a direct chat with your Facebook and Windows Live friends while reading and writing emails without the need of any its installation.

So many users of the latest yahoo messenger version has testified the joy derived in chatting with other social network like Facebook via their yahoo mail. If you do not have yahoo messenger yet in your Android phone, windows, iOS or computer yet, this is the right place to Download Yahoo Messenger APK v11.5 now.

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Apart from the fact that the messenger allows you to chat with friends, there are other packages which are quit fun that the messenger also have. Such packages are games. yahoo messenger allows you to challenge your friends in a series of social games, such as Backyard Monsters and Pool.

How to Download Yahoo Messenger APK v11.5

In order to download the latest version of yahoo messenger, you need to follow the simple steps shown bellow.

  • Visit the yahoo download page by Clicking Here
  • When the link opens, click on “Download Now” Button to begin downloading and installing Yahoo Messenger 11.5. or version.
  • This following will prompt on your screen, You have chosen to open:
    msgr11us.exe which is Binary File
    Would you like to save this file?
  • Save the .exe file to your desktop.
  • Then double click the Yahoo Messenger 11.5 file on your desktop to begin installation.

You can now keep up with your friends and family with instant messages, free voice and video calls, games photos, text message and lots more.

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