English Premier League fixtures 2016-2017 / EPL fixtures

Yes we all knows that the whole world have been waiting to see this year’s English Premier League fixtures 2016-2017 as Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola will not have to wait long to renew their rivalry against each other, making the EPL 2016 very much tough.

English Premier League fixtures 2016-2017 / EPL fixtures

The Jose Mourinho as the coach of Manchester United this season will be facing Bournemouth in their first match while the next United derby will will be against Southampton and that is to take place at Old Trafford on 20th August.

The English Premier League, Champions Leicester will not be left behind as they will be begin their defence of weather they shall remain the champions or not at promoted Hull City on August 13. Now in this EPL 2016/2017 fixtures Chelsea shall host West Ham in their first match.

See English Premier League fixtures 2016-2017

Arsenal           v        Liverpool15:00
Bournemouth      v      Man Utd15:00
Burnley     v     Swansea15:00
Chelsea     v     West Ham15:00
Crystal    v    West Brom15:00
Everton    v    Tottenham15:00
Hull City    v    Leicester15:00
Man City    v    Sunderland15:00
Middlesbrough  v   Stoke15:00
Southampton  v   Watford15:00


Leicester    V    Arsenal15:00
Liverpool     v      Burnley15:00
Man Utd   v     Southampton15:00
Stoke    v     Man City15:00
Sunderland   v    Middlesbrough15:00
Swansea   v    Hull City15:00
Tottenham    v    Crystal Palace15:00
Watford    v    Chelsea15:00
West Brom  v   Everton15:00
West Ham  v   Bournemouth15:00


Chelsea    V    Burnley15:00
Crystal Palace     v     Bournemouth15:00
Everton   v     Stoke15:00
Hull City    v     Man Utd15:00
Leicester   v    Swansea15:00
Man City   v    West Ham15:00
Southampton   v    Sunderland15:00
Tottenham    v    Liverpool15:00
Watford  v   Arsenal15:00
West Brom  v   Middlesbrough15:00


SATURDAY 10TH September 2016TIME
Arsenal    V    Southampton15:00
Bournemouth     v     West Brom15:00
Burnley   v     Hull City15:00
Liverpool    v     Leicester15:00
Man Utd   v    Man City15:00
Middlesbrough   v    Crystal Palace15:00
Stoke   v    Tottenham15:00
Sunderland    v    Everton15:00
Swansea  v   Chelsea15:00
West Ham  v   Watford15:00

Mourinho’s first reunion with his former club, Chelsea as shown in the English Premier League fixtures 2016-2017 will be at Stamford Bridge on October 22. For more of the EPL Fixtures 2016/2017 and team news click here

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