Facebook Messenger M Assistance Update for Action Suggestions

Have you started using the Facebook Messenger M assistance Update for action suggestions just added to the world’s number one social network to pop up and suggest that U.S. users take certain actions, the company has announced.

Facebook Messenger M Assistance Update for Action Suggestions

Facebook Messenger’s M assistant is powered by artificial intelligence and will watch users’ messages to recognize certain intentions. Messenger’s AI M offers suggestions based on what you are discussing with the person whom you are chatting with at the moment.

Based on logistics, when Facebook messenger M assistance update spots interactions such as “bye-bye” or “thank you,” it will suggest suitable stickers which could complete your chat using nice sticker.

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In the-same way when users are discussing payments, Facebook Messenger AI M will provide the option of requesting or sending money to each of the users thereby making it easy for the two parties to decide who is receiving payment and who is making payments.

Facebook Messenger M Assistance Update – Facebook’s AI M Assistant

Facebook AI M assistant will now offer suggestions inside Messenger. Apart from suggesting actions using stickers for the users, it can also help coordinate plans, suggest the option of sharing locations during a conversation

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While Messenger’s AI M assistance feature helps start a poll (in group conversations only) if Messenger’s artificial intelligent M assistance notice that users are trying to make a decision, or suggest getting a ride with Uber or Lyft during a discussion about going somewhere.

According to Facebook, when ever user is chatting with a friend or group using Messenger, the Facebook’s M logo and the suggestion will appear when ever M spots a conversation relevant to one of these core actions during the chat.

Facebook Messenger M for Android and iOS

The M feature has begun rolling out in the U.S. on iOS and Android, but it will eventually be rolled out to other countries around the world. Note that if you don’t know how to use Facebook Messenger M assistance update or how to update your own, use the comment6 box bellow.

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