Free Aptoide App Download | Free Aptoide Apk for Android Phone

Aptoide, for  now, is the largest of all independent Android app stores. It is an alternative market from which users can download all Android applications and use them free of charge. I said; Each of the apps that Aptoide offers are available for free, which removes the need for a license server. Here we shall be taking you on a tutorial about Free Aptoide App and Aptoide Apk Installation.

Free Aptoide App Download | Free Aptoide Apk for Android Phone

For end user security, Aptoide has an Anti-Malware platform that conducts real-time analyses on all apps and terminates viral threats. Other security measures in place include third-party validation and signature validation.

For Aptoide updates, all improvements are immediately and automatically displayed on the main interface, giving users the choice to either accept or deny the changes. Paying Aptoide users also have the option to create a shop to sell personal Android applications.

The name Aptoide is a derivative of  “APT” -the Debian package manager, and “oide” -the last syllable of “Android”. The Aptoide platform is available in over 40 languages, having reached more than 97 million user

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Aptoide App Installation

Settings in Aptoide allow the user to configure the app to suggest apps they might be interested in and based on the apps installed on the device you are using. To install Aptoide the user must retrieve the APK from the official site or other sources within the Internet. You will not find Aptoide in Google Play Store. To install Aptoide you need to allow installation from “Unknown sources” in Android settings.

Once you install Aptoide, the user can add stores as well as the default store. There are many Apps available from different stores. When a store is added using the URL of the store, Aptoide retrieves the list of the applications and stores it locally.

The user can then browse through the applications or search on the Internet for other stores. If a user wants to backup their apps to a private store, it is advisable to use Aptoide Apps Backup that keeps a record of the apps backed up. All the applications in stores are managed using a back office in Aptoide.

You can install Aptoide from a web browser very easily. Follow the simple guide to install Apptoid with a web browser.

Steps for Free Aptoide App Download

  • Use your Android device’s built-in web browser and visit
  • Click on Install AptoideTV also available are Aptoide lite for low-end running devices, If using a Tablet you will need Tablet Version
  • Locate the downloaded Aptoide app then click to start the install
  • Complete you now have Aptoide installed on your Android device

Install Aptoide installer

Aptoide installer will do all the work for you. Click the Aptoide installer and enjoy using Aptoide on any Android device in seconds.


  • Download Aptoide installer or download Aptoide installer lite or the Tablet Version Aptoide Installer
  • Copy the download Aptoide Installer to a USB or SD card
  • Connect the USB or SD card to your device
  • Use file browser to find and install the Aptoide app
  • Finished, you have successfully installed Aptoide with the Aptoide Installer.

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At the end of the  installation you will need to register an account to fully benefit from this great app. The experience of using Aptoide once you have registered immediately becomes noticeable as it scans your library of Apps.

Once, Antoine, has your library logged it will offer up any updates that are available. You may be shocked to see so many updates offered as you would have thought Google play would have been on top of this. You do not need to install updates and if you have and feel it’s not for you there is an option to uninstall updates

I believe the tutorial on Free Aptoide App and Aptoide Apk Installation is impactful. Give it a trial today

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