Go battery – Power Widget | Android Battery Sever Features/ Price

GO Battery Saver and Power Widget is the  World’s best power. GO Battery Saver  extends your battery life. To expose to the public how Go battery works ,its features and price is the intention of this article.

You can never have Go power battery saver  and be worried about finding a charger in the middle of the day again. GO Power Master reduces the drain on your Android device’s battery with several customizable power schemes. It powers down unnecessary functions automatically, such as turning off network connections while you’re asleep. You can also toggle functions on and off at will.

Conservation Modes Of Go Battery Saver

Save modes: General save mode enables auto brightness and mobile data, while Super save mode disables network connections and reduces brightness. Extreme mode adds smart saving functionality.

My mode: If the preset modes don’t meet your needs, you can customize power saving options in My mode.

Smart: Smart control options include auto-sync, Bluetooth, CPU, and Optimize tools and Smart Mode Switching by power, time, or when charged.

Tools: GO Power Master packs a full menu of Tools, including Charging Maintenance, Charge History, and Power Ranking, plus some useful extras like a System Trash tool.

Widget: GO Power Master’s cool little widget displays estimated charge time in digits and a circular graph.

Special Feautres of Go Battery

Main features of this battery plus include :

  • Accurately estimates battery remaining time
  • Widget that improves battery performance with personalized UI design
  • Indicates how much battery power will be extended if you shut down WiFi, Bluetooth,etc
  • Battery consumption optimization in just one click
  • Smart battery save
  • Charging Maintenance to help keep the charging process safe and healthy

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GO Battery Saver and Power Widget is simply the best . under are users Comment About Go Battery;

“I love the widgets and the ability to make your own modes. This is the best battery app I have found.”

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