How Do I Know Who To Marry | Guides to Choosing A Good Wife

Every human being has an emotional need. Therefore there is need for marriage. Nothing make great changes in human life; either positive or negative, than marriage. Hence marriage is a catalyst for human potential development and fulfillment if choices of life partner are made rightly. It has been a great challenge to singles on resolving the emotional puzzle; how do I know who to marry.

How Do I Know Who To Marry | Guides to Choosing A Good Wife

Youths are mostly beclouded in fake emotions and unnecessary facial comparison that lure them to make mistakes in choice of life partners. So, this article aims at: helping to answer the question: How Do I Know Who To Marry, pointing to the youths the acid base test of true love, the right reasons for marriage, also, the wrong reasons for marriage.

 In Answering The Question;  How Do I Know Who To Marry, Study The Guide below

Test of True Love

(A) Giving: the first answer to the question;How Do I Know Who To Marry  is to test the person coming close for marriage if he or she has an attitude of giving to you. The quantities or qualities of the gifts or any material things do not count but the consistency. Consistence drives focus. It tells that all his or her interest and focus is on  you when the giving is consistent. Here this, somebody can give outside of love but nobody can constantly give without love.

(B) Admiration Test: Most people mistake lustful desire for somebody for admiration. Admiration is not just liking for somebody but a feeling of respect. A true admirer will always respect your feeling, personality and orientation. So, respect is the parameter for knowing true admiration.Admiration Test: Most people mistake lustful desire for somebody for admiration.

(C) Acceptance Test: There must be willingness between partners to go along. They must  agree to stand with each other in unpleasant or difficult situations and readiness to jointly found and proffer solutions to such difficult situations .

(D) Habit And Temperament. Habits and temperament form personality. There are the inherent makeups of human persons. Habit talks about things that are hard to stop doing. A true lover will accommodate your habits and encourage you on how to manage them. Often time, singles pose this question; How Do I Know Who To marry, they are advised to seek for compatibility in suitors. Compatibility does not necessary mean similarity because two persons can never be the same. Rather it means seeking for suitors that can compliment your nature (temperament). Every temperament has its weakness and strength. So, seek for another nature that will compliment the weaknesses in yours. There are four types of temperament: Choleric (CH), Sanguine (SAN), Melancholy (ML) and Phlegmatic (PH). Below is an illustration for suitable temperament combination in marriage: PH + CH= +, ML + SAN=+, PH + ML=+−, CH + ML=+, PH + SAN = +,CH+ SAN=−, PH+ PH= −, SAN+ SAN= −, CH+ CH = −, ML+ ML=+−

Explanation: PH and CH are compatible, ML and SAN are compatible, PH and ML may be compatible,  CH and ML are compatible, PH and SAN are compatible, CH and SAN are not compatible, PH and PH are not compatible, SAN and SAN are not compatible, CH and CH are not compatible,  ML and ML may be compatible.

(E)Communication Test: Communication is the life of relationship. Love is dead without communication. Don’t marry somebody you cannot freely talk to or with anytime, anywhere and in any form. Real love is grown by communication

(F) Quarrel Test: lovers who say they don’t quarrel are not honest to each other. Conflict is inevitable in relationship. Quarrels grow true love. I mean quarrels make true relationship strong after it is resolved because it strengthens understanding. Watch the reactions of an acclaimed lover after quarrels. They will either give flimsy excuses to run or stay back. If he is real he will come closer.

(G)Time Test: Time reveals all things. Give that feeling a time to know if it is real or not. If it is ordinary emotion it will die off with time.

Knowing The Right Reasons For Marriage In Your Question Of  How Do I Know Who To Marry?

You have to know the the acclaimed lovers’ reasons for marriage

The Right Reasons For Marriage:

  • Love: love makes marriage beautiful. The tests of true love as discussed above are the beauty of marriage.
  • To share a common vision and value: that both of you have similar vision and value and wants to complement each other
  • For friendship and companion: every other thing can wax cold in relationship but friendship and companionship do not if the love is real.
  • Trust and Compatibility

 The Wrong Reasons For Marriage

  1. To fulfill financial security(i.e, marriage for money)
  2. To escape parental pressure
  3. For lustful reasons
  4. Marrying for procreation
  5. Peer pressure
  6. Loneliness
  7. Emotions
  8. Sympathy( marriage out of help and pithy)

How Do I Know Who To Marry has been a serious burden on singles. They are always desirous to know it in order to avoid long life mistakes. I tell, the parameter for measuring true lover that leads to marriage has been giving to you.

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