How to Activate GOtv Decoder, Clear Error E016 on GOtv

 How to Activate GOtv Decoder, Clear Error E016 on GOtv

How am going to teach you how you how to activate GOtv decoder or clear E016 Error on your GOtv without needing to call GOtv help service center or anybody else for assistance, how to activate GOtv decoder online is quite easy as you are going to see here.

Here is  How to Activate GOtv Decoder After Subscription

  • Ensure decoder is connected and switched on to GO Channel (Channel 99).
  • SMS the word Accept*followed by your ICU NUmber*, your Surname*, your Mobile Number*, the City* in which your live and the Product*, the short- 22688

You can now see that if you are among those who have been laying the bellow complains on GOtv Facebook page, you can now use the self service method to activate your GOtv decoder. Here are some of the complains often asked.

  • please activate my gotv subscrition, it expired today but I paid payment yesterday, my iuc number is 2021***305
  • kindly activate my gotv decorder, my iuc number is 2021888305.
  • Please activate my decoder , i paid 2 days ago and it had not been activated yet . IUC Number: 20193***53
  • Please i subscribed with 1500 on my gotv by its has not been showing since in d afternoon……my iuc number is 201***5621.

But with the above method on how to activate GOtv decoder after subscription, you cannot bring to the GOtv service center again with complains as such. Rather you will serve yourself any time, any where.

How to Clear Error E-016 or E-017 on GOtv Decoder

This annoying errors recently have become rampart among GOtv users as a result of that i have been motivated to make this article to help GOtv subscribers get rid of the Menes. Clearing the annoying Error E-016 and Error E-017 is as easy as learning how to activate GOtv decoder, and can be done in two methods.

  1. First Method: By Using SMS

Send RESET IUC NUMBER as a message to 4688 for example RESET 2913****00 to 4688 (where 2913****00 is your IUC Number) or simple leave the decoder on and Text RESET “ IUC Number ” to 4688. Immediately your GOtv decoder will be cleared of Error E-016. The IUC NUMBER are those digits on the red label under your GOtv decoder. If you are using the SMS method, you should do it during the day (8a.m – 7p.m)

2. Second Method: Calling GOtv Help line

With this method, you are required to call GOtv customer care. The Gotv Customer care line is 012703232. You are to listen to the voice prompt but DON’T follow the voice prompt instructions, the machine will forward your call automatically to one of their agents.

If your Error message continues use the COMMENT BOX to get us for assistance.

20 thoughts on “How to Activate GOtv Decoder, Clear Error E016 on GOtv

  1. Ferdinand Dozie says:

    please I bought Gotv decoder yesterday been 13/2/2016 and up till now I can enjoy it, and I try all I can to activate it but it refused to work even when I apply all the method.
    my IUC Number 2022441273* my surname Ebefu *my phone number 08066070198 and I live in Makurdi city Nigeria

    • @Ferdinand Dozie, Type Accept*IUC number*Name*phoneno.*state*GOtvplus# and send it to short code of Nigeria

  2. pls i subscibed for my gotv and it has not been activated my iuc num 2018990055

  3. My gotv has been suspended 1 day after iuc no is 2016042961

  4. Please I have subscribed for two days and still showing E16 error, i have tried all the ways possible and they are not working. My IUC number is 4601491838, my name is Tony

  5. Samuel Kanyeria says:

    My go TV 4620887179 its not working each and every time its displays a e-o16 error even after resetting it.


    Pliz activate IUC 2014237116

  7. please upgrade my decoder i paid 920ksh but it still aint workin

  8. lucas kalenga paulus says:

    please connect my decoder iuc 2017731420 i paid twice but thes nathing on still of

  9. My gotv doent work, although I’ve reset it

  10. philip wangila miliango says:

    kindly clear my E-16 error code my iuc 2018948210

  11. my decoder don’t work even after resetting it 2017203669

  12. Pls activate my decoder, 2004493721

  13. i had tried activate my gotv bt am nt able to do that

  14. my decoder 2019441012

  15. Bukenya canan says:

    Pliz activate my decorder

  16. osumba vincent says:

    Plz upgrade my gotv decoder,I paid 950/= kenya shillings and it is showing limited channels,E16 error is the order of the day,,I can’t access my favourite channels like Telemundo and Zee World,,,,,provider do something my IUC no is 2017390748

  17. danieludo eke says:

    pls my problem is after the payment I kept on resetting, to the extent if I reset it does not work again and the e016 is the thing I keep on seeing. pls nd pls help me ,because is just last Friday I subscribed. my iuc number is 4613719767 and my name is Daniel udo eke 08183068654. pls i ll be happy if it is considered.