How To Activate GoTV Subscription | GoTv Subscription plans

GoTv is one of the popular network Tvs in Nigeria. Regrettably, customers find it difficult to connect to the network provider customers care agents to help rectify issues they encounter in activating their subscriptions. Good to know is that instead of you trying to call the customer care agents. So, the aim of this article is to give the public direction on  How To Activate GoTV Subscription and to expose the various GoTv Subscription plans

Case you purchased GoTv monthly subscription and the decoder didnt  reactivate automatically this article is for you as it will guide you on how to activate it . There are verious ways of redeeming the challenge  but we shall present to you the most convenient and simplest ways of doing it.

How To Activate GoTV Subscription By Messaging

just as you use your cell phones to send messages; send “RESET” to 22688

How To Activate GoTV Subscription Online

follow the guide as listed below:

  • Visit GOTV official
  • login to your account making use of your username and your account number
  • Then head to “clear your error” dialogue box
  • selet E16 and click on reset device now
  • it is activated

How To Activate GoTV Subscription Via Phone

You can use GOTV short code to activate your GOTV subscription after payment by dialing *423# and follow the information that will appear to activate it.

Nonetheless you can still make use of the customer care services just that customers complain that they are not easily available. so you can reach nthem on 08039044688, but be ready to wait for a long time of one hour if not more than. If all of the above listed methods also fail then you visit GOTV facebook page or their twitter account


Gotv Subscription Plans 2017
Go Tv Max40 General Entertainment14 Local

6 News Channels

total: 60 channels

₦ 3800.00Per Month
Go Tv Plus38 General Entertainment13 Local

6 News Channels

total: 57 channels

₦ 1900.00Per Month
Go Tv Value22 General Entertainment13 Local

5 News Channels

total: 40 channels

₦ 1300.00Per Month
Go Tv Lite10 General Entertainment10 Local channels

3 News channels

total: 23 channels

₦ 400.00Per month

Note: To subscribe to GOtv you must have a GOtv Digital Decoder and an antenna.

You can get the GOtv Starter Kit Special offer for N 7700.00

How To Activate GoTV Subscription has been made simple for your understand.  We look forward for your comments

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