How To Check 2017 NECO Result Online | Result

Just after a week 2017 NECO examination was finished candidates started posing the questions:  how do i check 2017 NECO result? Is 2017 NECO result out? How much is 2017 NECO scratch card? The fact is that for now 2017 NECO result has not been released online on the official NECO Result checker website. The aim of these article is wholly to show you how to check 2017 NECO Result Online June-July.

How To Check 2017 NECO Result Online | Result

Ordinarily, the NECO result usually come out from September or October. You will be updated as soon as the result is out. As you bask in the  euphoria of finishing the examination do not misplace or discard your examination,examination year, examination serial number and NECO pin. Without these information you can not check your 2017/2018 NECO result. With them in your possession,you can visit the NECO Result checker Website on

Candidates can also check Neco results without scratch card or examination number. To check your Neco Ssce results, follow the steps outlined below;

  • Go to
  • step 1- select your examination type
  • step 2– select your year of examination
  • step3 –  Enter your card pin number
  • step4-  Enter your examination number
  • step5- click on  ‘check my result’ bottom

How To Check 2017 NECO Result Online

skeletal sample:

  • Result Checker
  • Exam Type:    Select from the drop down: June/July, Nov/Dec, JSCE, NCEE
  • Exam Yeear:    Select the year of examination: e.g. 2017 – 2018
  • Pin Number:   Enter the pin from the NECO scratch card purchased from any NECO office
  • Exam Number:    Enter your examination number which includes exam center and seat number
  • Click on Check My Result and your NECO Result 2017 will pop up.

NOTE: To many that would attempt checking their NECO result  with text message on their mobile phone, please the SMS result checker method is only available for WAEC candidates without internet connection. Again, NECO Result Checking Scratch Card costs N300 only. The cards are available in all NECO offices and cyber cafes nationwide.

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