How to Check Android Phone Battery Health | Battery Health Checker

A smartphone without a battery is like a time machine without a 1.21-gigawatt nuclear power source. And that it why it is very necessary to learn how to check Android Phone Battery health before buying or paying for it.

How to Check Android Phone Battery Health | Battery Health Checker

Already, you don’t need to be told that Android Phone Battery health is what provides that magic juice every smartphone needs to operate. So if the battery is not in a good health, automatically the phone becomes nothing.

Though one thing that is inevitable about Android Battery health is that even if you take good care of your smartphone’s battery, it will inevitably degrade over time and lose some of its charge capacity.But is still very necessary to determine Android Phone Battery health or the battery condition before buying it.

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Your Android phone battery health may drain quickly, as a result of bad battery health or some apps and games on your Android phone that consuming too much battery. That’s why we thought we’d share a few tips on how to check Android Phone Battery health.

With the help of this simple Test on how to check your Android phone Battery health condition, you can find out all the detailed technical network information and diagnose problem, usage statistics of built-in and installed Android applications, WiFi information and of course Battery information as well.

Steps on How to Check Android Phone Battery Health

In this guide you will see how to check Android phone battery condition using two methods, one of the ways to determine Android phone battery condition is bu the use of USSD Code and the next is to download Android Battery Health Checker app

Check Battery Health Android Phone Using USSD Code

  1. Dial *#*#4636#*#* from Android phone dialer. This will open a hidden Android test menu.
  2. Tap the Battery Information option. Here you will see all details about Android phone battery.
  3. You can see the battery charging status, current power source, battery charge level, battery scale and most important health, battery voltage, temperature, type and time since boot.

Battery Health Checker App

With this app you can check the status of the battery of your smartphone. Android battery health checker app can indicate the battery charge level of your phone and the battery drainage in fixed time stamp

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Things that the battery health checker will show you are as follows.

  • Temperature
  • Health status
  • Voltage
  • Technology

To download Android battery health checker app, go to Google Play Store. We hope that the steps on how to check Android Phone Battery health using the USSD code was helpful. Use the comment box bellow to drop your contributions.

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