How To Clear Android Cache / Delete Android App Cache

Have your mobile phone started misbehaving? if yes, the best solution is to learn how to clear Android Cache if your phone is an Android operating system. Android App cache is a compiled temporary data files which house information about the applications on your device.

How To Clear Android Cache / Delete Android App Cache

An information is pulled from the cache when ever an application is launched so as to make the application speed more faster and also enhance the user experience. Apart from making the user experience more smooth which its benefit, there is need to delete Android app cache as it causes the following.

Application Cache usually take up storage space of our Android phone very quickly which is in most cases the main contributors to a lack of storage space or device memory full in some phones.

But we are going to use this article and teach you how to empty Android cache and also restore some storage space in any device. Android cache clearing action does not only free your device memory space, it also makes your phone to be faster.

How To Clear Android Cache

This process here on how to clear Android cache only works on Android devices that is running Android Lollipop. Though it applies to all the latest version of Android. Now to delete Android cache, follow the steps bellow.

  • Open the Settings of your phone and then head to System > Storage.
  • As the phone calculates the storage space currently being used by the applications, you will have to wait for it to finish the calculation. At the end of the calculation, a breakdown of your phone’s cache will be shown to you.
  • Then to clear cache of your Android’s individual applications, head to Settings > Apps, select the particular app that you may wish to clear its cache.
  • Tap on the application, and then tap Clear cache.

NOTE: There are some applications like DU Battery Saver that can clear Android cache for you with ease, though even with your constantly clearing of the apps cache with some of these apps doesn’t really give speed boost as promise.

But the only limitation involved when you perform this function manually is that you’ll only clear out caches or data from apps that you select

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