How To Format Laptop – Best Way To Format System Memory

How To Format Laptop - Best Way To Format Laptop Memory

Here i am going to show you the est way on how to format laptop memory, which will help clean up the memory of any type of laptop and restore it back to its original memory shape, in other words called reformatting of the hard disk.

Most times people always want to reformat their laptops simply to clean up the memory, or when they thinks that their computer has suffered from a severe malware attack. In what so ever be the case, this steps on how to format laptop shown here shall give lasting solution to it.

Materials You Need To Format System Are

The following materials are need in order to successfully format System memory without the fear of loss of either your documents or any other important thing in your system

  • Laptop
  • Device drivers
  • Operating System installation CDs
  • Storage media

Steps On How To Format Laptop

The following simple steps should be followed when formatting system

  1.  Do a proper back up of all the files in the hard drive to any other fit device like hard drive, blank CDs or DVDs, flash disks, and media cards.
  2.  Bring close to yourself all the needed materials as stated above, especially the Operating System installation CD. Note that majority of laptops this-days make use of CDs while just a few still use floppy disks.
  3.  Insert the installation CD or floppy disk in the applicable drive and boot the laptop.
  4. Set up the Operating System.
  5.  Read the license agreement and press F8 or F9 to accept it, depending on the Window you are using.
  6. If the next screen shows ‘Previous XP detection,’ press ‘ESC’. This will lead you to reformatting the laptop.
  7. Now you have to create or delete partition. Note that to partition a hard disk, you should make sure to select a not-yet-partitioned space first, and then press C button. Enter desired size of partition which you want in megabytes. Repeat this process if you want to create more partitions. Press ‘Enter’ when you are done.
  8. Choose the file system you want to use for the system. Check the Operating System of the laptop. If you are using Microsoft Windows XP, you can choose either NTFS file system or the VFAT file system.But i recommend NTFS file system for your. Then Press ‘Enter’.
  9.  Format the partition you want to format. This will delete all the information in that certain partition.
  10. Press F button in order to verify that you have selected the correct partition. But in case you wish to go back to change your option, you can press pressing ‘ESC’.
  11. At this point, the disk will start to format the System. You have to wait until it finishes. Though this might take a some time.
  12.  After some time, the XP Setup window will appear. This will present you with various questions, which you are obliged to answer. These include the following
  • Regional and language options
  • Name
  • CD key
  • Computer name
  • Admin password
  • Date and time settings, and
  • Network setup. After filling this up, press ‘Enter’.
  1.  The setup process will begin which in most cases may take about 30 minutes.
  2.  The laptop will reboot. The screen showing ‘Welcome XP’. It will ask you if you would like to register your Operating System or if you want to create added screen names.

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