How to Go Live On Instagram Live Video App Download Instagram Live Video App

Most often there are some things you could be doing and you wish your close ones who are not near to you at the moment are sharing it with you: Both the gap between you and your friends and family who are fear from each other can be bridged when you learn how to Go Live on Instagram Live Video feature added recently to enhance living.

steps on How to Go Live On Instagram Live Video App Download Instagram Live Video App

Just recently, Instagram announced that Instagram Live video broadcasting feature has been added to everyone in the U.S. starting Monday 12th December 2016. According to the Announcement, Instagram users in other countries started having access and enjoying Instagram Live Video streaming feature “just few weeks later.

The feature allows users to share video clips with the videos disappearing after 24 hours. With Instagram Live Video app download, you can live-stream an event using the feature for up to one hour. Already you know you must create an Instagram account first

Instagram Live Video update seems to be the best video streaming service ever, in the sense that your best moments can be broadcasted for friends on all other social media platforms apart from Instagram. As Instagram is the latest app for live video, we are going to show you where to download Instagram Live Video app and also teach you how to go live on Instagram with Instagram App.

How to Go Live On Instagram Live Video App – How To Use Instagram Live

The following guides are how you can go Live on Instagram, though this is only if you are using the latest version of Instagram App for your kind of device. So first Update Instagram app and then follow the simple steps bellow to go Live on Instagram.

  1. The Instagram Live video streaming features can be found in Instagram stories.
  2. Now swipe into the Stories camera area.
  3. To go Live, Tap the “Live” mode.

Instagram live Video broadcasts are just like Facebook Live Video and Twitter’s Periscope: viewers can add “hearts” to the streams as they watch and post comments. You can see it’s pretty simple to go Live on Instagram

Any time when one of your followers is live on Instagram, you will get the notification as it will appear in the Stories section of the Instagram app. The same thing happens when some users they follow is live. If you have post notifications for your account, then you’ll also get alerts when your followers go live.

How to Download Instagram Live Video Streaming App

To update Instagram live video feature, you can update it by visiting our Instagram latest app post or by going to Google play store or its equivalent to update and install Instagram Live feature on your device.

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