How to Pay DSTV Subscription Online Using Credit Card & USSD Code

Are you tired of going to stand in crew waiting to be attained to by DStv costumer care? with this article on how to Pay DSTV subscription online using USSD or Credit card, we are going to show you how you can comfortably make subscribe for your DStv at home.

How to Pay DSTV Subscription Online Using Credit Card & USSD Code

If you have ever suffered in the hands of those unskilled customer cares, you will agree with us that making DSTV Nigeria payment Online is the best thing that anyone should learn how to do. So with the Internet at your fingertips, you don’t have to leave your comfort zone.

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If you read this article carefully, you can now always pay for your DStv subscriptions online each time it expires without leaving your home.

The benefit of this method of DSTV online payment cannot be overemphasized. This is because if you are a very busy person, who do find it difficult going to the bank to pay for your DSTV bill or don’t have a nearby Multichoice vendor where you can easily pay your DTSV bill, well, you can easily pay your bill with the help of your phone.

How to Pay DStv Subscription with GTBank Internet Banking

Here are the simple steps on how to Pay DSTV subscription online using your GTBank internet banking details

  1. Log into your GTBank Internet Banking platform and click on payment options. You should be able to see the option for DStv Subscriptions.
  2. Choose your DStv bouquet package and Quickteller.
  3. After that, choose your account biller name, which is DStv.
  4. You will also choose your utility type (Access bouquet, Access Bouquet, Extra View, Compact, etc).

Then, enter the amount you are paying, your email address, DSTV smart card Number, email, phone number and Answer the secret question that follows. Now, press continue to enter your GTBank token Number.

How to Pay DSTV Subscription Online via Quickteller

  1. Login to the quick teller platform and enter your DSTV smart card Number and other relevant details specified above, as required on the Quickteller platform.
  2. After you fill in the necessary details and click the Next button, you should see a billing page where you will have the option to pay with your ATM card.
  3. So, enter your ATM card details and you may further have to enter your bank token if required for your payment to be initiated. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to process your payment.

Remember to use the comment section below to drop your question if you have any issue with how to Pay DSTV subscription online using your Credit Card or USSD Code. Also remember to drop your question on how to activate your account after payment.

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