How to Register MMM Nigeria Account – Register for

Do you want to learn how to register MMM Nigeria account and become financially free or you still believe like others small minded people that MMM Nigeria does not pay? So if you want to register for mmm Nigeria, then this guide is for you.

How to Register MMM Nigeria Account - Register for

MMM Nigeria is a wonderful scheme which according to many testimonies has helped millions of Nigerians especially in this economic recession where Nigerians are not finding it easy when it comes to hunger. But one thing that is still of great surprise to the mmm Nigeria participants is the level of criticism from the Media.

MMM Nigeria is a community where members donate money to each other. In when you provide help within 30days of your donation, you will get 30 percent of the money you put.

This simple means that when you Provide Help of #100,000 within 30days you will Get Help of #130,000 which you and me know for sure that there is no bank in Nigeria that can give you that in one year.

Apart from the normal 30% you gets from the amount of money you invested, as a new member who just register for MMM Nigeria, you will be give what is known as MMM registration bonus which the amount of dollars to be given depends on the amount you invested immediately after you create new MMM account.

See How to Register MMM Nigeria Account

To create MMM Nigeria account is very simple, though you will need to be very careful during the MMM Nigeria sign up process, this is because before you enter any details like your account details, you have to make sure that you cross check it very well to making sure you enter the correct information. Now see the simple MMM Nigeria sign up process bellow.

  1. Visit the MMM Nigeria registration page at
  2. Enter your First name and Surname.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Enter your Mobile Phone Number (Example: +2348036661234
  5. Enter your password.
  6. Confirm password.
  7. Guider’s Email Address:
  8. Guider’s Phone Number: Leave blank, as system will automatically allocate this.
  9. Enter Picture Code.
  10. Check the “Warning” checkbox.
  11. Click REGISTER MMM.

Things to do after MMM Nigeria Account Registration

After your registration make sure that the following things are done correctly

  1. Confirm both your email address and your phone number (this is very easy):
  2. Log into your MMM Personal Office (PO).
  3. Go to the “My Page” tab on the menu bar, click on My Page, and not far from the top you’ll see your email address and cell phone number.
  4. Click on the “unconfirm/confirm” link next to your email address.
  5. The system will send a confirmation code to your email account, go and get this code.
  6. Enter code in the box provided next to your email address and click okay.
  7. Once your email address changes to green, you have successfully confirmed your email address.
  8. For Cell phone, just click the “confirm” link next to your number and its confirmed.

How to Add your Bank Details After MMM Nigeria Sign Up

  • Log into your MMM Personal Office (PO).
  • Go to the “Accounts” tab and click on it, you will find “ADD”, “EDIT” & “DELETE” options
  • Click on the ADD option to add your Banking or Bitcoin Account details
  • Add your Banking Details and click save.

At this point you have learn’t it all about how to register MMM Nigeria account and your account is due to Provide Help. As we always advice MMM Nigeria participants that they should allow their Mavro for complete one Month and 2 weeks for maximum growth

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