How To Save Instagram Live Video On Android And iPhone

This article is designed to teach you the simple ways on how to Save Instagram Live Video on Android and iPhone Memory or to your USB memory card. Just as you know that amazing videos exists on Instagram better than Facebook Videos, there is need you learn how to save Instagram Videos using this simple guides.

How To Save Instagram Live Video On Android And iPhone

To go Live on Instagram began late last year. Then just few months later, the app began letting users stream live videos but it didn’t let them save broadcasts when it was initially introduced. But the app has now updated, finally allowing users to download Live Instagram Videos or broadcasts to their phones once they’ve concluded.

The ability to to Save Instagram live Video on Android and iPhone or other devices is a move that puts Instagram Live on the same lane with both Twitter’s Periscope and parent company Facebook’s Live. Before showing you how to Save Instagram Videos on your phone, lets show you how to Go Live on Instagram first.

How To Go Live On Instagram Android

To start Instagram live video on Android is very simple, just follow the steps bellow.

  1. Tap the Camera icon in the top left of the screen.
  2. Then, tap Live at the bottom of the screen, then tap Start Live Video.

How To Save Instagram Live Video On Android

The first step to saving a live Instagram video is to go live.

  1. You need to update Instagram app if you want to save an Instagram live video.
  2. After your Instagram live broadcast ends
  3. Tap Save in the upper right corner.
  4. After saving, tap Done and your live video will be saved to your camera roll but will no longer be available in the app.

Note that it may take a minute to save Live Instagram Videos to your phone, especially for longer videos. Even as this update on how to Save Instagram Live Video on Android gives you the flexibility to hold onto your video and re-watch it later, Instagram live videos will continue to disappear from the app when you’re done.

The ability to save live Instagram broadcasts is on available in the latest 10.12 version of the app on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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