How to Start Poultry Farm Business In Nigeria – Best Guide

How to Start Poultry Farm Business In Nigeria - Best Guide

If you have been searching for how to start poultry farm business in Nigeria, well i think this article is going to give the best guide to set up your poultry farming business with just a little capital, or if you have started already, this guide is going to take your poultry farm to the next level.

After going through this article on how to start poultry farm business in Nigeria, you will get to understand that hug capital is not the major thing needed to start lucrative poultry farm, rather knowing what should be done, when it should be done and where it should be done.

One of the secrets of starting a successful poultry farm business in Nigeria, which serves as a motivating factor to starting poultry farm, is looking at the Profit potential in poultry Farming Business.

Here Are What I Call Motivational Agents In poultry farm business

1. Chicken reproduces fast and in large numbers

One of the most motivational factors in poultry farming, is that a mature and healthy Layers in capable of laying egg almost everyday. Even some Breeds of chicken can lay as much as 325 eggs in a year and take 21 days to hatch. When you multiply this, you will find out that

So when you have 1000 good breeds of layers, preferably California white breed, they are capable of giving you 24,ooo chicks just within 40 days.

2. Chicken grows very quick

Chickens hatches egg within 21 days and grows up to table size or marketable size within 28 weeks. That is to say that just within 34 weeks if you set up a successful poultry farming business, you will be able to make double of your capital.

3. Eggs are easy to market

Apart from selling the chicken, eggs are very easy to sale because of its high demand in the market. Every average family buys at-least one crate of egg every week, and each crate of egg is sold #650. As you can see, the profit in poultry farm business is really much and turn over time is really fantastic, but the big question now is how to start successful poultry farm business in Nigeria.

4. Price of Chicken is really good

Also the demand for chicken is high in the market and the price for one is really encouraging as one table size chicken is sold between 2,000 to 2,500 naira in Nigeria. Therefore, if a farmer is able to produce 12,000 chickens in his/her poultry farm, the person is capable of  making N24 million by the time they are completely sold.

how to start poultry farm business in Nigeria with little capital

To start your lucrative poultry farm business, here are the necessary things which you need to do in order to make it one among the best farm in Nigeria.

The very first step for starting a lucrative poultry farm business, is to put your business plan in place, after which you proceed to setting up your poultry farm immediately. Having done this, i know already knows that you should get your money ready for the journey ahead. So here are the things you need to acquire and put in place.

1. Buy land or if you have any get it ready: While trying to buy a land, we advice that you look for a land in a remote location but make sure the location is close to the city or market.

A plot of land is okay to start depending on the amount of money which you want to start your poultry farm with, or even just some portion of land can get you started, what maters is the management of the farm. Remember that you must not millions of naira before you start your farm.

You can even start with just 30 chicks and with proper management, before you know it your poultry farm will grow very large because rearing of chicken is as easy as any thing but just requires good management to minimize mortality rate which could result to loss.

2. Build your Structure – After securi9ng a land, the next thing is to build a house where the chicken will be kept which is very important for chicken rearing and effective keeping and management.

If you have some thing like #50,000 as your capital, you can start your poultry farming business with just a cage. But when you are starting with a reasonable capital, your poultry housing could be any of the following standard types of poultry house.

  • Deep litter: This is an animal housing system which is based on the repeated spreading sawdust material on the floor of the farm such that it will keep the chickens warn
  • Half litter and half slats –
  • Battery Cage–
  • Semi-fold –

How much can start poultry business in Nigeria

The amount of money to start your poultry business with in Nigeria actually depends on individual, but what i know for certain is that you success in poultry farm business does not really depend on how huge the amount used to start is.

You can get started with as low capital as #60,000 or even lower.

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