How to Watch Netflix in Nigeria – Watch NETFLIX Here

How to Watch Netflix in Nigeria : Just recently we announced to the general public especially all the interested Nigerians who would love to watch NETFLIX in Nigeria that the company is here in our home for your real entertainment. With NETFLIX Nigeria, you can just watch TV shows, Netflix movies anytime, anywhere as low as US$7.99 with one month free trail.

How to Watch Netflix in Nigeria - Watch NETFLIX Here is not just a place for adults, it is also a nice, safe and friendly place for kids to watch cartoons, drama, action, comedy, documentaries, NETFLIX TV shows with so many other stuffs you would love your child to watch and learn moral behaviour plus, Netflix award-winning original series and documentaries which you can never find anywhere else.

But we have learnt that so many people actually lack the idea on how to Watch Netflix in Nigeria, and this is the reason we have decided to come up with this tutorial in order to teach you all you need to know about NETFLIX Nigeria, apart from showing you how to watch NETFLIX TV show plus other entertaining stuffs, am going to show you how to connect NETFLIX to your TV or from mobile.

How to Watch Netflix in Nigeria – Connect NETFLIX to TV

To start watching Netflix in Nigeria, you must need to subscribe to any of the three affordable monthly plans, the monthly plans could be any of the following. After paying for the plan of your choice then you can use any either smart TV, or mobile device. The NETFLIX Nigeria subscription plans are as follows.

  • Basic plan  —  $7.99 (#2,197.25)
  • Standard Plan – $8.99 (#2,472.25)
  • Premium Plan  – $11.99 (#3,297.25)

The above price in Nigeria Naira is based on the calculation of #1 to $275, which is what Dollar is exchanged with Naira at the time of this publication. You can pay and watch NETFLIX movie here. NOTE: You can use the comment box bellow to ask any question regarding how to watch NETFLIX movies.

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