How to Write good Job CV – Best Guides on writing Job CV

 How to Write good Job CV - Best Guides on writing Job CV

Best guide on how to write Job winning CV (Curriculum vitae): Many unemployed youths today are not basically because there is no job nor that job seekers are not qualified for the job which they have been applying for, one of the major reason behind massive unemployment is lack of knowledge on how to write good job CV. With this Best Guides for writing Job CV your job is secured.

This sample on how to write a winning CV (Curriculum vitae) have offered lots of prospective employees or job seekers a quick, concise summary of your qualifications, experience, skills and suitability for a particular role.  The work of well written CV is to make you stand out from the rest of other competitors.

Contents Of a Job CV (Curriculum vitae) – How to Write good Job CV

Before you start to write anything concerning job CV, the normal question which you most answer ask and answer yourself are. Very important.

  • What work experience does the vacancy require?
  • What skills, experience and knowledge do i have that matches the vacancy requirements?
  • What are the aims for your present career?. That is your profession.
  • How can you best highlight your achievements and experience in these areas?

If you have answered the above stated questions and wish to proceed to writing a good job winning CV which is capable of making your employer say “please are you sure you are not going to leave our company?” should include the following:

  1. Your most include your name, address and accurate contact details.
  2. A short profile summarizing your professional and personal attributes
  3. Key roles you have completed i other places of work till date
  4. Your experience in a specific sector or industry that you have worked before.
  5. Your unique selling points, e.g. problem-solver, team player.

Your experience in other places which you have worked before, very important. When writing the CV, you have to make your past experiences look professional. Starting with your current or most recent position, this have to include the following.

  1. The date you started and finish date.
  2. Your past Job title.
  3. Employer.
  4. Key responsibilities held
  5. Your achievements.

Provide your educational background. Please avoid making your CV look so boring to your employee, this is to say that you only have to provide details of your education from secondary school onwards, ignoring that of primary school as this might make your CV boring. The information to include are.

  1. The name of institution.
  2. Attendance dates/year of graduation.
  3. Qualifications gained.
  4. Your skills and professional qualifications, including relevant training courses.
  5. Very importantly, if you have experience of computer, that if you are a computer wizard, you have to indicate that and also details of any software packages that you are familiar with, including your level of proficiency, e.g. basic, intermediate, or advanced.
  6. Give a brief overview of your personal life, such as your hobbies, sporting activities and interests.  This will provide potential employers with a picture of the real you.

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Learn How to Present a Job VC to The Employer

The best thing to note about CV presentation is that y you have to present your CV in a clear and logical manner, using short sentences and common English, avoid speaking big grammar.  Make sure its no longer than two sides of A4 and it is error-free.  Make sure to read it over and over again, if possible give it to a second person to go through.

When you are called for any question regarding what you have written, be very confident to give any information on your CV verbally, this means that you have to read it and understand it line by line before presentation.

Best Job CV Format – Chronological CV format

Chronological CV format, is the most commonly used format of writing CV.  This format of CV writing majorly focuses on a individuals career history. Chronological CV format,is usually not longer than 2 pages.

If you have any question regarding how to write good job cv, use the comment box bellow.

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