Latest 2016 US Election Results Live Updates and Results Coverage

We are bring to you the Latest 2016 US Election Results Live Updates and Results Coverage as it is happening in the United States of America right now where both the electoral college and the general masses are determining who wins US election 2016 result to become the next president.

Latest 2016 US Election Results Live Updates and Results Coverage

From the current USA Election 2016 live updates and results coverage, it is clear that Donald Trump is on the brink of White House as he is winning Hilary Clinton 264 to 215 from the 528.

Trump miraculously triumphed in the key battle for Florida after a nip-and-tuck tussle in the Sunshine State. As the result indicates, Donald now leads Clinton 264-215, chasing a winning target of 270 needed to emerge as winner in 2016 US election result live.

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It is funny as one senior Trump aide has already called the win and the Republican’s supporters were a picture of jubilation in New York. forgetting so easily that Hillary Clinton could still conceivably win the US election — or she could lose the national popular vote.

From the latest 2016 US Election results live updates and results coverage shown so far, Clinton’s fans are slowly realising the Presidency might be slipping from her grasp.

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The whole world is turning dump as DONALD Trump is on course to become the next US President after defying polling experts, according to the US election 2016 live updates, he is winning with Trump 264, Clinton 215.

From the updates of results of US election 2016, Clinton has 215 and needed 55 votes to make 270 while Donald Trump has won 244 and needed 6 votes to make it to 270 which will make him emerge the winner of US election 2016.

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