LIST of EPL Champions from 1992 Till Date / EPL Winners List

Here is the complete LIST of EPL Champions from 1992 Till Date, since the re-branding of its name from English top flight division 1 to English Premier league in the year 1992.

LIST of EPL Champions from 1992 Till Date / EPL Winners List

Leicester City sealed their first and miraculous title on Monday May 2nd 2016 immediately after Tottenham Hotspur played a 2-2 draw against Chelsea FC who saw themselves in 9th position for 2015/2016 season.

From the List of English Premier League Winners Since 1992, as shown on the table bellow, it could be seen that one team has dominated english football above all, Manchester United who has won the title 13 times in the last 24 years.

Blackburn Rovers who were the first team to seal the title has over the years been in the relegation zone. According to Argentina international and Barcelona super star Lionel  Messi, Leicester City’s winning of the English Premier League for 2015/2016 season is why he loves football.

See Official LIST of EPL Champions from 1992 Till Date

1992-93Manchester United Aston Villa
1993-94Manchester United Blackburn
1994-95Blackburn Rovers Manchester Utd
1995-96Manchester UnitedNewcastle Utd
1996-97Manchester United Newcastle Utd
1997-98Arsenal Manchester Utd
1998-99Manchester United  Arsenal
1999-00Manchester United  Arsenal
2000-01Manchester United Arsenal
2001-02Arsenal Liverpool
2002-03Manchester United  Arsenal
2003-04Arsenal Chelsea
2004-05Chelsea Arsenal
2005-06Chelsea Manchester Utd
2006-07Manchester United  Chelsea
2007-08Manchester United  Chelsea
2008-09Manchester UnitedLiverpool
2009-10Chelsea Manchester Utd
2010-11Manchester United Chelsea
2011-12Manchester City Manchester Utd
2012-13Manchester United  Man City
2013-14Man City Liverpool
2014-15Chelsea Man City
2015-16Leicester CityTottenham

From the summery of the table of List of English league champions since when EPL started as shown above, it could be observed that the title have been shared among 6 clubs as shown bellow.

  1. Manchester United – 13 Titles
  2. Chelsea – 4 titles
  3. Arsenal – 3 titles
  4. Manchester City – 2 titles
  5. Blackburn Rovers – 1 title
  6. Leicester City – 1 title

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