Man, Cyril Etim Ojar beheaded Pastor James Eni In Calabar

Cyril Etim Ojar beheaded Pastor James Eni In Calabar, this happened on sunday afternoon, the twenty seven year old man Cyril Etim Ojar, who beheaded pastor James Eni, of Evangelical church in Old Netim, Akamkpa local government area of Cross River State has remained defiant stating that he would do it again if the circumstance that led to his killing the pastor arises again.

Cyril Etim Ojar who is now in detention at the Cross River State Police Command headquarters at Dimond Hill, told newsmen during an interview said i Cyril Etim Ojar beheaded Pastor James Eni because i went on a stroll around the Pastor’s house when the man got angry and chased him with a machete and he over powered the pastor and hacked off his head.

The question which has remained unanswered is will the court judge it as self defense or not believe the man as the pastor cannot come back to live to tell his own part of the story? your contributions are needed to assist the police.

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