MTN WhatsApp GoodyBag Subscription Code | Code for MTN Whatsapp plan

Our intention in this post is to expose you to MTN WhatsApp GoodyBag Subscription Code to enable you enjoy your WhatsApp Daily, Weekly, Monthly depending on your choice and capacity. We will list the codes and how to go through the Subscription.

This post is as a result of our passion for you to ensure that you are connected with your loved ones across the globe.And also share with you the subscription Code for MTN WhatsApp data plan for MTN WhatsApp weekly plan and MTN WhatsApp subscription code for monthly plan. steps are also available for the subscription.

MTN WhatsApp GoodyBag is a data bundle that allows you share and chat non- stop on WhatsApp for as low as N25 weekly and N60 Monthly.
Aim of MTN WhatsApp GoodyBag Plan.

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MTN WhatsApp GoodyBag Subscription Code | Code for MTN Whatsapp plan

MTN WhatsApp Goodybag has been introduced by MTN to enable it’s costumer to connect more with those they truly love and care about.

Follow These Steps To Subscribe for MTN WhatsApp GoodyBag Subscription Code.

PLAN                                                          PRICE                                    ACTIVATION CODE (SMS)

WhatsApp weekly Bundle. (7days)             N25                                        TEXT WAW TO 131

WhatsApp monthly Bundle. (30days)          N60                                         TEXT WAW TO 131

Maybe you did not understand it the way it is in the table above,let us also take you through another easy way of subscribing MTN WatsApp GoodyBag Plan.

MTN WhatsApp GoodyBag Subscription Code for MTN WhasApp Weekly Plan – For the MTN Whatsapp weekly plan subscribers just text WAW to 131. you must have up to N25 naira credit on your MTN line before you send the message.
MTN WhatsApp GoodyBag Subscription Code for Whatsapp Monthly Plan-. To subscribe for the MTN Whatsapp monthly plan – Type WAW in your mobile phone and send to 131 just the same as for MTN WhasApp Weekly Plan, the different here is that you must have a minimum of N60 in your mobile phone.

How to Unsubscribe MTN WhatsApp Plan.

Chances are that you decide to unsubscribe MTN WhatsApp GoodyBag or maybe you want to subscribe at your convenient,no panicking you can still Unsubscribe MTN WhatsApp Plan. To do this simply send STOPWAW followed by the plan you are using to 131. For example, send STOPWAW to 131 to unsubscribe from the Whatsapp monthly plan.

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