MX Player Download for Android – best media players

You need to go for MX Player Download for Android now if you are among those who have been complaining that they have a video file which have refused to play on their Android phone or tablet. MX Player is the only media players which supports just about every major video format and even plays audio.

MX Player Download for Android - best media players

MX Player for Android impressed me the first day i got to know about it. Over the years i have been searching for a good media player for my android phone, which could help me play Kari Jobe song titled (Forever). The way the song played was really a wonderful experience.

I found out that if you download MX Player fpr Android you can change the theme of the player. Unlike other media players widely used by people, MX Player have additional options to enable advanced features like hardware acceleration. This wonderful player really comes in handy when you’re trying to decode high resolution video files.

MX Player download is a video player for Android, which is actually available for free download, and just as said earlier it supports multi-core decoding which makes the MX player best. And it stands to be the best way to enjoy your movies or video songs.

Steps for MX Player Download for Android / MXPlayer Codec

To download MXplayer for android phones, >>Click Here

See Key Features of MX video player:

  1. Acceleration of hardware – With MXplayer, video acceleration with the hardware can be done with ease. because it makes use of HW+ decoder for providing hardware acceleration.
  2. Decoding – MX Player Android is the first and still the only video player to support decoding of multi-core level.
  3. Easy Zoom, Pan- Zoom and normal Zooming in and out is just easy by the use of this player.
  4. Gestures for subtitles – Just scroll forward to go to the next text or scroll backward for the previous text.
  5. Special Lock for Kids – MX Player for Android offers option to entertaining your kids without worrying them touching other applications or make a call.

The above were the key features of MX Player App. While VLC Videos Player is one of the best when it comes to desktop. MX Player steps up and offers all the things which VLC should have for mobile devices, especially android. This is why as an android user, you need free MX Player Download for Android

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