Opera Mini : Download Latest Version For Phones & PC

Opera Mini : Download Latest Version For Phones & PC

Opera Mini over the years have turned to become one of the world’s most popular web browsers which works on all kinds of phone and lately on computers, here am going to show you how to Download Opera Mini Latest Version For your Phone or PC.

Here you will learn the most easy way to download and install Opera mini browser to your PC, Blackberry, Android phones, Nokia s6, Nokia s4, iTunes or Windows phones. The browser is always offered free of charge, usually supported through deals already made with mobile operators to have Opera pre-installed in phones when manufactured.


In order to download the latest version of opera for any of the above listed phones or computer you have to.

First Click on http://www.opera.com/download latest versions/

When the link opens, you are going to see a page in this form.

Opera Mini : Download Latest Version For Phones & PCIf you are downloading it for mobile phone as listed before, you are to choose your type of phone and its compatible version of Opera by clicking at the point were this arrow is pointing at in the image bellow.

Opera Mini : Download Latest Version For Phones & PCAfter you have chosen your phone and its compatible version,the next thing is to view the download link, which is going to review to you the appropriate link through which you will click to get the browser downloaded and installed in your phone.


To download Opera for computer is more easier than when downloading it for phone, the only thing you have to do and get the browser installed to any windows ranging from windows 7 to windows 10 is to click on the link bellow.


Your will see

Opera Mini : Download Latest Version For Phones & PCAt the upper part of your browser, you will see will you have to select the make of your computer, there will have Windows, Mac, Linux. The choose your own.

Then finally click on Download Now.


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