President Buhari to Assume Minister of Petroleum

President Buhari to Assume Minister of Petroleum
President Buhari to Assume Minister of Petroleum, this got to the general public after his secrete meeting with the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abuja over the impending ministerial appointments,the president said he would take the action as part of his move to sanitize the oil sector and rid it of corruption.

The news has been moving in the air round in both the conventional and internet media that President Muhammadu Buhari is to assume the position of Minister of Petroleum when he appoints ministers next month now it is clear to the whole nation.
To many political analysts, this decision is a welcome development for several reasons as listed bellow.

  1. Number one is that the president’s reputation as “Mr Clean”will remain intact, even among his political adversaries.another said it is contestable.
  2. The number two is that his fight against corruption, especially in the oil sector cash-cow, has been the major concern of Nigerians which president Buhari during his campaigns promised to address.
  3. Number three and the most important, is that President Buhari is a veteran in the management of the oil sector. He spearheaded the establishment of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) when he served as the oil minister in 1970’s. To many others, because he once served as the minister long ago, they believe he can handle the ministerial position more than any other person can.

The biggest disadvantage which the nation is going to face by having the president Buhari as Minister of Petroleum Resources as well the president of the country is that it is going to be very difficult, if not impossible, for the National Assembly to summon and grilled him over any misgivings that might arise, and to supply information that will help to set the minds of Nigerians at rest when the “clean-up” of the industry begins.

The political analysts went further to suggest that the president appoints someone of proven competence, reliable accountable and of integrity to carry out his mandate in the oil sector and then be available and accountable to Nigerians through the federal legislature, the media and civil society at large.

Once bitten, they say, twice shy. A minister should be put on the job for greater transparency, accessibility and accountability instead of the president assuming the minister of the oil sector. The Nigerians are not comfortable with this decision

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