Recharge Card Printing Business, How to Start Printing Vouchers Cards

Recharge Card Printing Business, How to Start Printing Vouchers Cards

It is my pleasure to share with you how i and many other have become rich just by learning Recharge Card Printing Business, How to Start Printing Voucher Cards, i never knew that Printing recharge cards in Nigeria requires no special training and it is relatively very easy to start

Do you know that Every day,  billions of Naira is spent by Nigerians every where recharging their phones at various locations?  With the advancement in technology, any person that wants to be involved in this business can now easily start printing recharge card vouchers from any part of Nigeria.

Secretes i Used to succeed in my Recharge Card Printing Business

Before i show you the steps or process for your Vouchers Cards printing business let me share with you the little secretes which you most grow with. The secretes are as follows.

Operate in large markets or growth markets: You should not simply go into printing recharge card business because you like it and think it is a good idea- and your friends do it, (having said this, this strategy can work and has worked for me and many others, but they have been fortunate and the growth has occurred in most cases).

You most think of your idea in context of the market you are entering and ask yourself: is recharge card printing business a growth business that has nationwide potential?  if the answer is ‘No’, then you are probably already limiting your self and your ability to make money from Printing Recharge Card if on the other hand your answer is ‘yes’, then this is an exciting place to start.

the world’s most valuable  businesses have in common the fact that they are operating in large and generally growing market. so should you

Create customers service: No business can grow big, become great and succeed without great customers service, especially earlier in their life circle.

This is one of the main reasons why customers prefer to deal with a small company rather than a large one, as generally small companies can excel in the area of customers service.

When you call a small company you usually get the phone answered by a person, not a machine. when you have a problem you usually speak to a person who can make a decision to fix it, rather than someone who listens but does not have the authority to make a decision and adds to your frustrations.

Unfortunately, in many cases this area of business does slip when companies become big and i urge you not to make your Recharge Card Printing Business one of such companies. the world’s most valuable businesses still needs to offer great customers  service, because this is what keeps their customers coming back and adds to their value.

as your Recharge Card Printing Business grows, this aspect must never be forgotten or it will cost you millions in future in your Voucher Cards printing business

Categorizes of Recharge card business

1. The Dealers: This group of people deals with the mobile operators like MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL ETC. They registers with the mobile network companies and you will need some allocated amount of money to start as a dealer.

You will also be entitled with incentives from the mobile network operators as time goes by. Dealers sell to the wholesalers in large quantity and makes money according to their ability to locate turnover wholesalers. For you to be a dealer you must be willing to invest 14 million to 22 million Naira

2.The Wholesaler/sub-dealers: This people have no business with the network operators, but deals directly with the dealers. It is relatively easy to start with the whole sale option as it requires about 50,000-100,000 Naira only to start.
3. The Retailers/Re-sellers: These group sell to the final consumer and buy directly from the wholesalers. They make about 12 Naira or more for every 200 Naira recharge card they sell. It is about selling high amounts of cards and in a day they make more profits when combined together.

Retailers also negotiate their way in getting the POS machines to be able to print recharge vouchers card.

Steps to start your Recharge Card Printing

  1. Get your computer connected to the Internet or simply use a cyber cafe.
  2. Register with a company with your own company name (I will give you this later).
  3. Download their software and install it on your computer.
  4. Order for recharge PINs through their website and pay the required amount into their
    bank account.
  5. Send them your payment details, e.g., name, email address, desired network, teller
    number and the amount paid.
  6. They will send you encrypted PINs (these PINs can only be read or interpreted by
    the company’s software).
  7. Use the software on your computer to print out these PINs.

Please for security reasons, we cant reveal the list of the reliable dealers here, all you need to do is to send an Email to or you call (08032934651).

NOTE: please note that there are some terms and conditions but till when you calls.

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