Remix OS Download for Android / Install Remix OS for PC

You are about to start your free Remix OS download for Android mobile operating system. With Remix 2.0 OS you can get the best PC experience on Android phones and also Android experience on a PC unlike anything. Here am going to show you where to download latest version Remix 2.0 for PC and android free.

Remix OS Download for Android / Install Remix OS for PC

One could be amazed with the kind of additional features which has been brought to Remix OS 2.0 aimed at bringing to you the best of mobile and desktop experience. Though am going to state more about the features of Remix OS latest version as we proceed in this review.

So the only thing that you need to do now is to download Remix OS 2.0 free for Android-based operating system in order to enjoy a new and sleek desktop design, just on android phone. Do you know that with Remix OS download for Android you can run any of Android’s 1.6 million applications on your PC easily.

Remix OS latest version is available for free download for both Mac and PC devices. With the help of multi-window function of Remix OS 2.0, you can spend less time switching between screens and more time multitasking. This simply means that you can answer Skype calls, conduct research on Browser all at the same time.

Free Remix OS Download for Android Link

To download Remix OS for pc free, you have yo follow the app downloading link by Clicking here, then after downloading, you will need to follow the procedures which am going to show you in order to install the software successfully into your device

How to Install Remix OS 2.0 on Windows

For you to freely download and install Remix OS latest version, you will need a tablet operating Windows 10), and a USB OTG adapter or USB key (with at least 8GB of storage). Here are the steps to follow in order to install the software successfully.

  1. Deactivate Boot Security

After you have finished your free Remix OS download, you will need to disable your secure boot. If you are a windows user, you can do this by clicking on Settings (represented by the cog icon) > Change PC Settings > Update and Recovery > Recovery > Advanced Start: Restart now.

Once the PC restarts, head to Troubleshooting > Advanced Options: Change UEFI firmware settings. Look for the Safe boot parameter and disable it. Then finish it up by doing the following

  • Install Remix OS on your USB key and then turn off your tablet.
  • Install Remix OS from Your USB Key
  • Press and hold the volume and power buttons and wait for your device to power up.
  • Select the boot menu followed by UEFI USB. Wait about 30 seconds for Remix OS to boot with data backup.

Be patience as the first boot takes some time, but immediately Remix OS boots, a web page will open, prompting you to download a file and install it. Note that you really have to follow the directions to complete installation.

Note that you may change the language settings chosen during the free Remix OS Download for Android and installation, though choices of language are currently only available for English or Chinese.

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