SEO Tips For Blog Post Optimization – Target Google 1st Page

SEO Tips For Blog Post Optimization - Target Google 1st Page

Have you been wondering why some blogs appears on google first page while the other struggles for 7th – 10th page? the secret behind that is that they knows all the SEO tips for Blog post Optimization, but for haven come here where am going to reveal all the SEO tips for writing blog post, google first page will now be your normal position.

You need to note that when you are writing a blog post, three things have to be ringing in your mind which are the areas you need to concentrate in the post Optimization. The three things are as follows

  • For your post to appear on google first page
  • For users to click your blog and not others
  • For your viewer to stay for reasonable time to avoid invalid click

Here am going to show you all the SEO secrets involved in blogging to actualize the above listed points in this SEO tips for Blog post Optimization. Just read and apply them carefully.

Before i go ahead i want you to know that ranking in Google,in a way considers On page SEO score or optimization and off page factor, like Social media votes, back links, domain authority and many others. So as you work on the post optimization you should also consider the use of social media like Facebook, reddit, pinterest etc.

10 Onpage Optimization Tips for Better Ranking

Here are all the ultimate blog post Optimization tips which you most have to keep in mind while writing post for your better ranking.

  1. Post Tittle Tag

You should make sure you are using targeted keyword or phrase at the beginning of the post tittle tag, and most importantly make sure that you choose an interesting tittle which is capable of forcing google searchers to inter your blog. Avoid repeating the same keyword in tittle with the effort to rank better on search engines. Make sure to keep the limit of post Title Characters length to maximum of 69 Characters with spaces.

2. Permalink Style

You should avoid the use of special characters, symbols, brackets, comma’s etc as part of your post URL. I recommend that you use Numeric numbers like top 10 etc and slash (-) symbol to differentiate two important words because search engines make use of that.

3. Body Of Post

You should note that all the necessary onpage SEO required are to be done in the body of the blog post. make sure that your focus keyword appears at the first paragraph of you post and very important, make sure that you make use of other possible keywords different from the one you want to rank in. The density of your focus keyword should be 1.5%, i.e it should appear atleast 3 times and atmost 5 times in the post, appearing both at the first and last paragraph.

4. Heading Tags

Your title tag is already h1 so you should use other heading tags like h2, h3 and h4 etc to highlight various headings, sub-headings and important points. make sure that you don’t use h1 tag in the blog post body section. And avoid repeating H2 or H3 tags too many times, as it is considered as bad SEO practice.

5. Meta Description

Your blog post meta description is very important, make sure that your focus keyword appears in the meta description and also make sure that it is so catching and summarizes what the post is talking about. The description should not exceed 159 characters including spaces. Very importantly make sure that you include “call to action” like Click here, see all, this is etc for better Click Through Rate (CTR).

6. Tags

You should avoid the use of too many tags, even though WordPress has no limit for tags, it is still not SEO wise to use too many tags. I recommend five (5) to ten (10) tags per post. Do not use your focus keyword in the tag.

7. Addition of Image

Image Optimization for SEO is very important in a blog post as it helps in driving traffic from image search. For you to optimize your image, your focus keyword most be used in the image alt text, and also the title of the image is very important, always use the correct name of the image to name it. Small size images are recommended for use.

8. Outbound link

Search engine loves it when you link out to other websites. But you should make sure that you are linking out to a page that talks about the same thing your own page is talking of and not linking to a page which is saying a different thing to what the user wants. Never link to a site with porno graphic images if you are using any “pay per click” service.

9. Inter Linking to Older Post

Inter linking to older post is very important as it make viewers to stay longer in your website which google regards as a good impression with the believe that your website has some thing to offer. It also make your older post relevant. But make sure not to link to a different topic.

10 .Word Count

For your blog post to do well in search engines, the word count should be atleast 350 words, if possible write a long and researched articles just like this SEO Tips For Blog Post Optimization which you are reading now. Don’t go writing something that is not relevant all in the name of trying to make your word count much

NOTE: If you have any doubt or contribution regarding this SEO Tips For Blog Post Optimization – Target Google 1st Page, use the comment box bellow.

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