Shiloh 2016 Theme (My Case is Different) Starts 6-10th December

Today 11/6/2016 in Winners Chapel all over the world, it was announced that Shiloh 2016 theme is My My Case is Different and that the wonderful event 2016 Shiloh starts on 6th-10th December 2016.

Shiloh 2016 Theme (My Case is Different) Starts 6-10th December

Just like other years, this year’ Winners chapel Shiloh 16/2017 with the theme (My Case is Different) as going to be hosted by Winners Chapel of Living Faith Church is going to be fulled with lots of testimonies across the globe.

The Slogan for 2016 Shiloh which shall serve through out Shiloh 2017 is “My Case is Different” and when that slogan is resounded and echoed, the whole church shakes in a wonderful way with lots of echo in the church.

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As always made available, people who are not within the reach of the Cannan Land where the Shiloh 2017 will be happening live and still cannot or are not close to the church premises of Winners Chapel, can watch the programme using the shiloh 2016 theme My Case is Different live streaming online.

Shiloh 2016 Date is 6-10th December

Shiloh 16/2017 promises to be the 18th version of the Shiloh since it was established over 18 years ago by God’s ordinance according to Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo, and just as usual it is a gathering over millions of people worldwide as many storm Canaanland, Ota for restoration and healing.

Remember that we said from the tittle of this post that this wonderful and miraculous event shall kick off from 6th to 10th December 2016. So do yourself a favor by making it in the venue.

Shiloh 2016 Theme is My Case is Different

The theme for this year’s Shiloh is fulled with wonders to any one who cares to claim it that his/her My Case is Different with faith. So do not deny yourself the favor of been blessed in Canan Land from 6th to 10th December 2016.

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  1. Samson friday says:

    you are wrong admin Shiloh 2016 is tag my case is different, not my my day is better