SmartCallMonitor Free Download / Phone Monitoring Freeware

Start SmartCallMonitor Free Download to monitor your incoming calls either at home or at work using a NCID (Network caller ID) server in order to avoid those who distracts or bores your life with unnecessary calls.

SmartCallMonitor Free Download / Phone Monitoring Freeware

Smart Call Monitor is the latest phone application for TAPI capable hardware like a telephone system or an ISDN card (it is important you note that SmartCallMonitor only requires TAPI drivers).

The software automatically provides you all the traceable information about your new caller like his/her organization, title, name, address etc by matching your incoming calls with data stored in your Microsoft Outlook and Google contacts.

When the strange call comes, Smart Call Monitor will display the information in a well arranged datasheet. Because of the software’s wonderful performance, thousands of people usually download SmartCallMonitor every day.

Steps for SmartCallMonitor Free Download For Mobile Phones

To download the software free >>Click Here<<

With your SmartCallMonitor, it will be very much possible for you to decide whether you want to ignore the call, pick it, or return it later since the person’s information has already been seen.

Key Features of SmartCallMonitor

  • Copy telephone numbers from any other program to SmartCallMonitor via a global hotkey.
  • Store caller information automatically in the integrated address book.
  • Use caller ID with all compatible devices (modems, fax machines, mobile phones).
  • The “switchboard”-view shows all active calls as well as the status of monitored lines.
  • Take, end, make, broker, and put calls on hold at the touch of a button.
  • On every incoming phone call, a pop-up window with the caller’s data will be displayed immediately above the Windows system tray

Almost every one who is using smart phone today, have the software installed in their phones. Some actually utilizes the wholes feature in the app while some others only makes use of the call monitoring feature ignoring others.

Truly SmartCallMonitor Free Download is worth going for because, this free software is a great solution for those who find themselves constantly distracted by unnecessary interruptions.

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