Startimes Pay-Par-Day subscription|Startimes Flexible Payment

Startimes is one of the most popular Nigerian digital Pay TV provider design to offer high-quality viewing experience at an affordable price and to make Startimes Product and services available and affordable to both poor and rich they recently introduced another subscription called Pay-Par-Day plans. This aim of this article is to make known to the public the Startimes Flexible DTH Payment- startimes Pay-Par-Day plans.

Necessity; they say is the mother of invention, for startimes not to lose her customers had to invent this plan. Especially when the new- TSTV  which is said to be a pay per use subscription with the help of its inbuilt pause feature that enables subscribers to pay for what they use and not the other way round. Guess the effect it will be to Startimes if not that the mangers did something fast. So, the Startimes  Pay-Par-Day subscription offers Nigerians the opportunity to subscribe and watch their favorite TV channels only when they wish and have the desire to pay.

How Startimes Pay Par Day works

Startimes Pay Per Day  allows users to subscribe to any of the Startimes channel subscription plans and pay for the selected days you wish to watch any of your favorite TV channels you wish. Towards making Startimes subsciption does not only offer pay per day subscription plan but also other convenient plans such as:


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Startimes channel packages- DTT-DTH Subscription Plans

PLANS,     DAILY,                 WEEKLY,                       MONTHLY
NOVA:         N60                     N300                              N900
BASIC:         N90                     N450                              N1,300
CLASSIC:     N180                   N900                               N2,600
UNIQUE:     N240                   N1,300                             N3,800

Startimes DTT ( Digital terrestrial television) channel packages are:

Nova plan with 30+ channels
Basic plan with 75+ channels
Classic with 80+ channels
Unique with 90+ channels

DTH (Direct To Home) Subscription Plans
PLANS,        DAILY,                       WEEKLY,                 MONTHLY
NOVA:            N60                            N300                       N900
SMART:          N120                          N600                        N1,900
SUPER:           N240                         N1,200                     N3,800


Startimes Pay-Par-Day or Pay Per Week or Pay Per Month will be effective from November 1st, 2017. You can now enjoy your convenience.

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