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News Jit is a Nigerian online web blog which was born on July 27th 2015, with the purpose of helping the whole world get informed about the latest news and other relevant issues like Sports, Education, Job opportunities etc, Just-In-Time (JIT) when needed.


The main aim of is to keep people updated, and also serve as a means through which job seekers will get the right information about any available Job vacancy, to avoid them been defrauded by individual or group of persons. also aims at rendering  free online services like online tutorial. also gives companies, Churches Schools or other organizations the chance to advertise their product and services with it. Note that the product or services to advertised must be one which has good intend to the masses, and does not pose danger to them.


News Jit as a web blog, purely established for the purpose of assisting people rightfully, does not accept any of the following.

  • Any article or comment found to be fraudulent in nature. for example (Call Gen Musa on 080*********3 for help in securing a job). The administrator considers such fraudulent.
  • Pornographic pictures or pages. and
  • Abusive comment.


My name is Nwite Onyebuchi (The administrator and CEO I am a man who is passionate about the warfare of others, knowing fully well that we got one life to live. I graduated from Ebonyi State University (EBSU) as an Environmental scientist.

I believe in one thing for a fact, information is the only different between the ignorant and the educated ones,” . So i pick blogging as my own measure to eradicate ignorance by keeping people informed.

For any question or contributions, reach the administrator using.

  • Email:
  • Tel: +2348068937712