Top 10 Android Applications to Download – Best Android apps

Top 10 Android Applications or better still Best Android apps to Download : We all knows that Mobile apps have actually made almost every thing possible for us. The most interesting thing is that more often than not, the best mobile apps are always to be downloaded free of charge. This is why we have gone round to compile this list of best android app to download free. Just read to see the top Android apps to download them here.

Top 10 Android Applications to Download - Best Android apps

In addition to just showing you the most used android apps, our handy list is going to help you navigate Google Play in order to make sure you are downloading the latest version of each of the top free android applications. Our list of android apk covers all the areas of android mobile phones ranging from music app for android to security apps for android. If you just bought a new Android device for the first time, these android apps will get you up and running.

Here are the Top 10 Android Applications to Download


It is obvious that everyone of us has one thing or the other on their smartphone or tablet which he/she would like to keep to secret, but the question is how do we keep them private? the answer is that Vault gives you full control over your privacy. Stop worrying about private content and install Vault today.

Main Features:

  • [NEW] App Lock: password protect apps.
  • Photo & video protection: All files will be encrypted and password protected.
  • Vault Camera: built in camera automatically secures photos and videos in a password protected Vault.
  • Contacts/SMS/Call logs protection: create “private contacts” so all messages and calls from private contacts “disappear” from the phone.
  • Vault can hide private Facebook messages.
  • Dashboard: easy-to-read dashboard does a quick analysis of how private your information is.
  • Membership Transfer.
  • Break-In Attempts (premium): photographs anyone trying to enter your Vault with the incorrect password.


CamScanner has been rated as the world’s number one mobile document scanning and sharing today. With CamScanner you can scan, store, sync and collaborate on various contents across smartphones, iPads, tablets and computers. The app helps you to digitized and saved any documents you see in real world . Just take a photo, and CamScanner take care of the rest.

Best Android Games to Download

Here at Newsjit, we have compiled a list of the best Android games to help you navigate the google Play Store’s and download them. Now here are the Top android Games to download.


Cut the rope 2. is the current favorite Android puzzle game which went viral immediately it was developed, giving the users most of their greatest challenge when it comes to puzzle game.


Plants vs Zombies is rated as one of the classic free-to-play tower defense games in the world. Download the game now and see the wonderful game just developed.

5. DEFENSE ZONE 2 HD: This game is basically for those seeking a serious challenge and it is a more realistic challenging game, which many has proven to be beyond their control.

6. CASTLE DEFENSE:  Castle defense is actually for beginners though yet another free-to-play title. If you want a game which you can be able to handle in terms of defeat, then you have to download castle defense now. Others in the Top 10 Android Applications to Download are

7. Best Android Anti Virus is CM SECURITY

CM Security is an AppLock protects for android device considered to be very important to you for the safety of your phone and other applications which you would like to keep private. CM security, not only secures your phone but it also captures or slaps the face of intruders who try to unlock your protected apps and notifies you with intruders’ photos.

8. DU BATTERY SAVER: Du Battery Saver is an android application capable of extending the life of your mobile phone’s battery. Du battery saver carries out a diagnosis of its status and the app itself will apply any of its templates to save battery on your phone. So to save your android battery. Download Du Battery Saver for free and you can make your battery last longer than Nokia Touch.

9. Snapchat:
10. Messanger

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