Top 10 Nigerian Richest Comedians – Nigeria Best Comedians

Top 10 Nigerian Richest Comedians - Nigeria Best Comedians

The history of Nigerian entertainment industry cannot be complete without talking about the people who makes up the Top 10 Nigerian Richest Comedians, this is why we have gone wide to gather this list of best Nigerian comedians, that is arranged according to their richness in ascending order. So read on to find out who is richer and with more fans than who.

Although when ever this comedians comes out of stage, to their audience which includes you, they appears funny, unserious and even foolish, but i tell you that these guys are really serious when it come to business and making money, because from that foolish art in your eyes they  enriches their bank account, With assets running into billions of naira and you cant talk of entertainment industry without them.

 Top 10 Nigerian Richest Comedians and Their Net worth

1. Ali Baba
Ali Baba, who is Often referred to as the godfather of comedy by some of the upcoming comedians, Alibaba is believed seen as the number one among the richest comedians in Nigeria.

Ali Baba Net worth

It is believed that Alibaba’s networth is worth about N3billion. The comedy godfather performs very high and mighty in the society and earns an estimated N400 million per annum.

2. Basketmouth
Basketmouth, has so many shows which has performed within and outside the country, he commands lots of attention from the audience. Basketmouth is believed to be the number two in the list of highest earning comedians in Nigeria.Apart from the comedy show, he also makes his cash from some big companies in the country like Glo

Basketmouth Net worth

He is believed to have a net worth of N2billion naira, he makes N192million per annum and about N120 million in endorsement deals.

3. I Go Dye
Francis Agoda popularly known as I Go Dye or I Go Die a Nigerian comedian from Delta State. His net worth is estimated to be over N2 billion and he earns about N300 to N500 million per year. Apart from his comedy carrier, Francis Agoda is the CEO of a construction company and heads a real estate and property company. He also works with some Nigerian governors.

4. Julius Agwu
Julius is the fourth person in the top comedians in Nigeria. His is organizer of two renowned shows; Crack Ya Ribs and Laugh For Christ Sake. The comedian rakes in millions of Naira. Julius, is reported to be charging close to N3million per show. He is estimated to worth about N1.5 billion and makes about N180 million per year.

5. AY
Ayo Makun (Ayodeji Richard Makun, popularly called A.Y) hails from Ondo State, but choose to be Warri Boy, he has warn many awards. A.Y apart from comedy shows is also an actor, radio and T.V presenter, writer, director and MC. He is the organizer of the popular show called  ‘AY Live‘ he is reported to charge between one to two million Naira per event. He is believed to be worth about N800 million. He also has many of cars and properties at Lekki area in Lagos.

6. Gbenga Adeyinka
It is reported that no other Nigerian comedian organize events more than Gbenga presently, besides his Laffmattaz, he has so many properties and several business interests. He the a top choice among many politicians in the South West, which gives him the privilege to anchor political events.

7. Okey Bakasi
Okey, is one of the big guys in the entertainment industry having served as the Senior Special Assistant on Entertainment to Imo state governor. He is a darling of some big political bigwigs in the South East. Okey Bakasi is reported to own choice houses in Imo State and Canada.

8. Tee – A
Tee – A is highly gifted wedding MC, this makes him seem to specialize only on wedding ceremonies and other social functions, with high charged hosting events. He has choice properties and an event company.

9. Bovi
Bovi, is probably the hottest of all the Nigerian comedians today. He organizes tours avert and events which fetches him millions of Naira. He has also enjoyed some high paying endorsement deals that worth millions of Naira.

10. Yaw
In addition to his comedy carrier, he is a radio presenter, radio hypes, equipment leaser and many other businesses. It is reported that the comedian made his biggest money from an endorsement deal which he signed with MTN Nigeria.

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