Top 10 Richest People In Netherlands And Their Net-worth / Full List

Here we are going to show the latest Forbes list of top 10 richest people in Netherlands and their networth. And also reveal to you the secrete on how the richest men in Netherlands made their Wealth in case you may want to follow their footsteps.

Top 10 Richest People In Netherlands And Their Net-worth / Full List

It is very much obvious that Netherlands runs a well developed economy. Been one of the world’s top 10 leading exporting countries. And unbelievably, foodstuffs form the largest industrial sector which contributed enormously to making the richest people in Netherlands what they are today.

This amazing nation (Netherlands) has some of the richest people in Europe, and as well is the sixth-largest economy in the Europe. Some of individuals and families who makes up the top 10 richest people in Netherlands, have built great empires and helped the country to be among the richest countries in the world

Overview of the Richest People in Netherlands

Here is a brief overview of the richest people in Netherlands, ranked according to their Forbes net worth

1Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken$13.4BHeineken
2Frits Goldschmeding$3.9BB Temp Agency
3Dik Wessels$2.3 BConstruction/Engineering
4Wijnand Pon$ 2.2BTransportation
5Hans Melchers$2.2BChemicals, Investments
6Wim Van Der Leegte$2.1BManufacturing
7John de Mol$1.8BTV/Media
8John A. Fentener van Vlissingen$ 1.6BTravel industry
9Joop van den Ende$1.6BTV/Stage Entertainment
10Ralph Sonnenberg$1.5BHouseholds Manufacturing

Now let’s forget about the president of the Nation and even the government officials at large, let’s see brief personal Biography of the these men that made up richest men in Netherlands according to latest Forbes ranking.

Top 10 Richest People In Netherlands And Their Net-worth

1. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken:

As can be seen from the table above, she is the number one in the list of richest people in Netherlands and also one of the richest women in the world, Charlene de Carvalho has 25% controlling stake in Dutch brewer Heineken, which she inherited from her late father, Freddy Heineken. Currently she resides in London, United Kingdom

2. Frits Goldschmeding

Frits Goldschmeding (83 years) who is married with 3 children fortune comes from his 35% stake control in staffing company Randstad Holding which he founded in the year 1960. He initially called the company Uitzendbureau Amstelveen, but after four years, he then changed the name to Randstad.

3. Dik Wessels

Dik Wessels (70 years) inherited the construction company that make him the third person in the list of top 10 richest people in Netherlands from his father in 1968 as a very small company and, but today he has turned it into one of the largest builders in the Netherlands.

4. Wijnand Pon

Wijnand Pon is extra ordinary human being as he is a man of multiple talents. Wijnand is best known for importing cars onto his Country (Netherlands). He is also the founder of Koepon, a company that plays an important role in dairy industry acrosss the Globe.

5. Hans Melchers

This 76-year-old billionaire earns most of his wealth from a large stake in HAL Trust, an international investment company based in Monaco. He is a passionate fan of bridge.

7. John de Mol

John de Mol is one of the Netherlands’ wealthiest media magnate, who is worth over 1.8 billion dollars, his production companies are behind huge international hits like Big Brother and The Voice, hopefully according to him, he is going to be much more richer than how he is now and hopefully take a closer number to the number one person in the list of top richest people in Netherlands as shown above.

8. John A. Fentener van Vlissingen

This man refused to join his family business (SHV Holdings) which was already doing very well before he was born. Instead he vowed that he wanted to start a successful business on his own.

9. Joop van den Ende

Joop van den Ende is a media business magnate and a theatrical producer. Back in 1969 Joop developed a new musical tradition in the history of Netherlands. Though his musical tradition development wasn’t what made him become one of the richest people in the nation.

10. Ralph Sonnenberg

Blinds baron Ralph Sonnenberg is the chairman and CEO of Hunter Douglas N. V. A company which was founded by his father, which he then inherited as a very small business company. The company is very good at making window coverings and architectural products.

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