Top Richest Football Club in the World – Latest World Richest Club

In as much as top richest Football Club in the World are concerned, Real Madrid still remains the Latest World Richest Club 2017. Many people misunderstood the list which saw Manchester United on top as the 2017 world top 20 Clubs in Terms Of Yearly Revenue in 2017.

Top Richest Football Club in the World - Latest World Richest Club

Remember that this two things are different, that is Worlds’s Top 20 Richest Football Clubs In 2017 and Top 20 Clubs In Terms Of Yearly Revenue In 2017. As the table which we shall show you below review, you will see that Real Madrid still remain the number one.

Yes it is true that MANCHESTER UNITED the highest revenues ever recorded by any other football club in the world last season as unprecedented income returned them to the top of the Deloitte Football Money League for the first time since 2004 at Real Madrid’s expense.

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So without wasting time lets answer your question straight which is the list 0f top 20 richest football clubs in the world 2017 with the table below. The table shows that Manchester United took the lead with €689m revenue followed by Real Madrid with €620.2m revenue

List of Top Richest Football Club in the World 2017



1Man United €689m €137m€187.6m€363.9m
2Real Madrid €620.2m €121.4m€202.7m€296.1m
3FC Barcelona €620.1m€129m€227.7m€263.4m
4Bayern Munich €592m €101.8m€147.6m€342.6m
5Man City €524.9m €70.2m€215.8m€238.9m
6P S G€520.9m €92.5m€123.1m€305.3m
7Arsenal €468.5m €132m€167.7m€135.8m
8Chelsea €447.4m €93.1m€178.2m€148.7m
9Liverpool €403.8m €75m€163.8m€153m
10Juventus €341.1m €51.4m€199m€73.5m
11Dortmund €283.9m €54.2m€82.1m€144.3m
12Tottenham €279.7m €54.2m€125.2m€78.1m
13Atletico Madrid €228.6m €37.2m€86.6m€63.3m
14FC Schalke €224.5m €39.2m€72.6m€107.9m
15AS Roma€218.2m€30.4m€114m€36m
16AC Milan €214.7m€22.3m€79.7m€97.1m
17Zt St Petersburg€196.5m €35.2m€103.8m€30.9m
18West Ham€192.3m €26.2m€47.7m€67.1m
19Internazionale€179.2m €24.6m€114.1m€26.4m
20Leicester City€172.1m€22.2m€97.2m€45.4m

Though the truth is that in the list of 2017 world richest football club, Manchester United can be said to be the number one when it comes to the club who made the highest revenue in 2017. But Real Madrid still top them in when you talk of general assessment of which club is richer.

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